Escort ads - what does all the codes mean?

  1. Ice fire & Sweet kissing & Amazing Skills

  2. All menus

  3. I do FULL GFE service

  • G F E is Girl Friend Experience I think
  1. Openminded
  • assume they mean they’re open to what ever you want them to do?

I don’t know what the first one is but it sounds pretty good to me!
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I assume “amazing skills” refers to her ability with the bow staff, nunchucks and throwing stars.

  1. Serene eclipse & advanced hugging. 20/20 vision
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Is this like trying to understand the menu terminology at Pat’s or Geno’s before going to Philly for a cheesesteak? Wit whiz.

Good to get the terminology down before ordering for the first time.

Girl Friend Experience? Is that where yo take her out for a meal and then she says she has a headache and nothing more happens? (Or is that the Wife Experience?)

I had a nieghbor whom was a call girl when I lived in Orlando - No, not a customer (like I could afford those rates on Navy pay? Nope!).

“GFE” is indeed “Girl Friend Experience” - Small talk, simulated affection, simulated passion (as opposed to just straight up mechanical boiking). Basically, pretending to care about you. Pretty much a standard thing.

“All Menus” Means “Greek” (anal) and “French” (Oral)

“Open Minded” means “ask, and we’ll negotiate.”

The fire&ice or ice&fire in my experience involves oral that alternates between ice in the mouth and hot water in the mouth. But that was just me and a woman, an escort might mean something different.

From what I can find online, sweet kissing is when two people pass a piece of candy back and forth between their mouths while kissing each other. I’m speculating that when prostitutes use the expression it’s likely it involves oral sex rather than just mouth kissing.

Ewwwww, gross!!

I thought it was like a kiss between you and your nana.

Can the candy be a Hershey’s kiss? So a Sweet Kiss would involve a sweet kiss.

With your nana slipping you a Werther’s Original?

Ewwwwwww, gross!

I am DONE with the internet for today, thanks.

If she’s not slipping it into your mouth, nana loves to give you a hard candy for your pants pocket.

And…now you are.

Nice. Just when I think there could be no more Napoleon Dynamite references left to post, I get pulled back in!

Ha ha, Looks like the classic example of Life imitating art imitating life!

Relevant scene from Demolition Man

Ice and fire is indeed oral where ice and a hot liquid is used to give extra stimulation (certain types of massage oil are often used I hear). I’ve only heard this term used by Americans btw. Skills means just what it sounds like I think and I hadn’t heard about “sweet kissing” before (you learn something every day). Never knew that had a name.

All menus would refer to anal most likely (as vaginal and oral is kind of assumed). It might mean more things specifically as well.

GFE indicates “girlfriend sex” which can mean that the focus will be on “romantic sex” with french kissing and cuddling etc. But it also indicates that the escort isn’t offering PSE (porn star experience), with anal and other things you might see in porn. Funily enough it also seems that in the US GFE indicates that bare back oral is possible, don’t really know why.

Openminded seems to just mean that you can inquire about any preferences you might have and maybe it will be on the menu (for extra money). In some contexts/places it might have more specific meanings. For instance in Germany things like “no taboos” or “service from a-z” indicate kind of sepcifically that condomless sex is available.

I’ve got a hard “candy” for nana.

Like a Twix bar? Sounds complicated.

The best part about this thread is being able to say “nice post, Dumbass” without being called out for a personal attack.