Esprix the Newbie?


Man, you think we’re bad? I went to the message board at for one of my most favorite online comics, Sinfest, to see if anyone had commented on the fact that one of my other favorite online comics, PvP had done a parody of Sinfest in this strip. When I saw no one had made mention, I took the opportunity to register and point it out to folks and started this thread. (PvP has done crossovers with other web comics in the past, always amusing, and Scott Kurtz, the artist, loves it when people parody PvP.)

Fuckin’ A!

OK, I’ll admit I didn’t know there might be a tiff running between Scott and Tatsuya Ishida, Sinfest’s artist, so when I read the strip in question, I certainly didn’t read it as a slam, but rather as a friendly between-cartoonists jibe. Someone eventually pointed this out to me, but in the interim, what do I get for my efforts? “Scott’s not funny 'cause he’s FAT! Huh huh huh!” and a (rather weak) roasting (starting off with a “Yo mama!” joke :rolleyes: ). (Sadly, on calling the twit in question on his elementary school-grade insults, my wit was lost on the unwashed masses.)

And people say we’re a clique? I don’t ever want to hear anyone complain about us again! :smiley:


Yeesh. Why do they have to be like that all over the place? I got much the same response when I registered at a video game board this spring. I called one of the posters on his insulting behavior, and got jumped on like I was on the playground at recess.

The most annoying thing was after one poster offered up a typical “I was banging your momma” reply, he got a chorus of cronies (and I saw something similar in one of the posts in the thread you linked) chiming in with “Good one!” and “Oooh, you really toasted him with that!”:rolleyes:

I would have felt like I had been put in my place, but then I remembered I wasn’t in thrid grade anymore.

Looks like you stumbled across a room full of 14 year old shut-ins.

I’ve never posted on any other message boards, myself. They’re not all like that, are they? :eek:

Hey, do you guys know I used to have my webcomic on Keenspace? (btw, it’s KeenSpot Esprix is talking about. Keenspace is the AOL Hometown of webcomic servers.)

I feel yo pain. Both Keens are very cliquish, even though Space has absolutely nothing to be cliquish about, other than a bunch of shitty comix by idiots and a server that can’t stay up for five goddamn minutes. I did know some cool people and some very talented cartoonists there, but they were far outweighed by the legions of morons doing Matrix parodies with stick figures or Sailor Moon homages with poorly drawn furries. (If you want me to rant about Keenspot and Keenspace, I can do so for hours… just ask.)

And regarding Kurtz - there’s no rule that says you have to be nice to or even like any of these other weirdos who are uploading .gif files. Unfortunately, some people don’t realize this, which leads to shitblizzards over things that the SDMB would have forgotten about by nightfall.


And on other message boards - I have one for my comic, but apart from the SDMB, there’s only one other board I haunt, and that’s a private board run by a couple of online pals. It’s extremely fun, but only because the owner approves each person only after having them e-mail her and let her get to know them, so no cretins or trolls ever show up.

i’m actually rather enjoying watching the (supposedly to them) unproven and weak Esprix defending himself against all comers with his ahem “l33t argument skillz”.
it’s like watching a good kung-fu movie, or seeing “Xiao Xiao No. 3” for the first time!

Man, I forgot how full of idiots the Keenspot boards were. Plenty of tards there.

Here’s the thread.

Sheesh, what a mess.

Although, I must say I do like the “Eat a bag of Hell” expression.

Esprix, you once asked me some fairly searching questions about my faith - I think in a thread about whether or not love is voluntary. I responded as best I could and you said you didn’t know enough to try to reply.

For what it’s worth I felt you behaved with deep and genuine dignity, and very mercifully, and I got the strange impression I had just escaped a good thrashing in argument. A Knight of the Realm had seen fit to spare me. You also managed to give me this impression without the slightest bad feeling. Since then I’ve seen what you can do with people if you want to. Ouch…

You’re a Nobleman. Please, for my sake - be gentle with them!

and they get to post pictures.
though i can’t tell if that one is making fun of the hijackers or esprix.

it is cute, though.

Yeah we used to be able to do that, until the “post your wallpaper” thread.

You think the servers are taxes now by just text? Heh. It was soon after that thread we couldn’t post pictures anymore.

oh, i knew that you used to be able to post pictures. i saw the disabled code tags in the coding tutorial.
post your wallpaper? was someone actually trying to get the servers to shit themselves?

Man, I am so outclassed! ( :rolleyes: )

Although I will admit I also like the “eat a bag of Hell” comment. Clever, thems is…

And remember, kids - it’s ok to make fun of people if you don’t like them as long as your cronies back you up!


Now, THAT, my friends is some funny shit!
Esprix, pretty please stay there. None of this lol stuff - I WAS LAUGHING MY ASS OFF OUT LOUD!
Good job of not loosin’ your cool, dude. Tough crowd, huh? Bwahaahaaaaaaa

Hey, do you think we could get da’dj over there. Hooboy, we could have some fun…

Oh, and Espy, I didn’t know you were a cop. Bwahaaaaa

sorry…hee hee haa haaa
Big Bad Bill
Oops…I mean William. [sub]Darn you WB![/sub]

Mind if I steal that line from you? Thanks!

That seems more like a circle-jerk than a thread.
I fear Esprix talents will be wasted there. He’s speaking a foreign language to those morons.

hey, you know what’s gonna be really funny? when one of those immature assnuggets tries to insult esprix by calling him a “gaywad” or a “fruit” or some other homophobic infantile insult.
it will be entertaining, to say the least.

i just wonder what the response would be if one of those people knew what we were saying about them from up here…

Pretty good, Esprix. But if you’re going to insult them for not knowing their own language, Gaudere’s Law is going to bite you in the butt. It’s “puerile,” not “purile.”

Esprix, stick around that board for three months or so, and you’re going to own it. Those are some of the most embarassing flames I’ve ever seen! Freakin’ amateurs.