Et tu, Tony Parker?

Apparently, he was caught cheating when Eva read his text messages. I guess he missed the whole Tiger Woods scandal.

Once again, technology and arrogance doom another athlete. At least there are no kids this time.

Why the hell would you cheat on Eva Longoria? Who was he fucking? Some space-chick with three vaginas and and endless supply of breast-beer or something?

Apparently, a teammate’s wife :eek:

I do seriously wonder that. Then again, I wondered that about Hugh Grant…and Tiger Woods…etc.

One of three possibilities comes to mind:

  1. The guy is a moron
  2. The guy is so used to being able to get a girl whenever he wants one that he doesn’t stop that behavior once he’s in a committed relationship
  3. The woman is not nearly as nice (or affectionate) as one might otherwise believe

Can’t vouch for this, but I got a call saying it was with Brent Barry’s wife.

Richard Jefferson’s wife

From the OP’s cite:

Is it too much to ask of someone cheating to DELETE THE DAMN MESSAGES!!! I mean, damn, we’re talking about stuff like “yur hot” and “tonite aftr gam” not the correspondence of Robert Browning and Elizabeth Barrett. Just read the message and delte it, fer cruyin’ out loud!

They seem to be saying it’s Brent Barry’s wife.

I would assume most of these people slip up with one or two, then the wife gets the phone bill and sees several other messages to the same number at all different hours.

Either way, I don’t know why these women think their rich athlete husbands, who are out of town half the year, and are chased by women wherever they go, will never cheat on them. You need to go into a situation like that knowing that is a likely outcome, and either upfront about it, or actively take steps to never allow it to happen.

I’d like to officially disown post number 2.

Well, I now hold onto the slim sliver of hope that Eva Longoria will now marry Evan Longoria.

Monday - Steve Nash
Wednesday - Tony Parker
What NBA All-Star will announce a divorce tomorrow?

Well, if it’s Jefferson’s wife, that puts truth to the rumor that he’s gay, if he wasn’t trying to keep her satisfied.


I got nothing to add to this thread other than damn! That would make a small dog break a big chain.

For every super hot woman there’s a guy somewhere who’s sick of her crap. Same goes for super hot guys.


And also, when you’re on the road most of the year every year and you’re rich and famous, sex is anywhere and everywhere you want it to be. People like to fuck; rich or poor, it’s just a fact of being alive. You’re almost never home so you don’t really have a home; when you’re in a relationship with another person as nomadic as you are the odds it’s going to work out long term are virtually nil. And when you’re in the position these people are, there are essentially no consequences. Sure, maybe you get caught and get hounded by tabloids and gossip columnists for a while and it’s a distraction, but at the end of the day you’re still rich and famous; in many cases even more so than ever before, and in a month or so you’ll be dating some other celebrity.

I just double dribbled.

Ooh, can I play??

I just committed a backcourt violation.

Wait a minute …

Not surprising, considering your username. :smiley:

What makes what Parker did even more objectionable was that it was with a former teammate’s wife. And it appears that they were all close friends once upon a time.

Something similar happened in the EPL, when John Terry had an affair with Chelsea teammate Wayne Bridge’s girlfriend.