Eternal Moonshine of the Simpson Mind

Eternal Moonshine of the Simpson Mind was on last night and so I got to watch it again.

I think this is a very good episode, there are some very interesting things going on like when Homer travels through his memories. Bart beating up on 20-year-old Homer was pretty funny, and the youtube memory thing was really good as well. Though it went by so fast, I’d like to watch it again a few times on Youtube or something.

It was a bit of a stretch, I think, to have him want to jump off the bridge, but it’s the Simpsons and I’ll allow it.

It’s one of the best episodes of the last couple of years, for sure. The moon bounce thing is over the top, but they did manage to have Homer do something really clever, which I thought was a positive. I think my favorite joke in that one was “Goodbye, cruel world! … And goodbye, Cruller World!”