Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Sequential Thread

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Why does my jaw “pop”
Potty mouth

I may have found a way to dine out on the cheap
So, Today I Ate Half a Bagel

Penis question, TMI warning.
Phone number and Google.

Why are some people against same sex marriage?
Sexual Activity in the Armed Forces

What would you do in this situation?
Upgrading is the way to go!

Sexual Activity in the Armed Forces
Teen puzzled about future job

So, teach me to be a good waitress
Should I press charges?

Jock Test at UGA
Disgusting euphemisms

“Get A Fucking Job!”
“The Power of Ted Jesus COMMANDS YOU!”

Strange and Inappropriate Conversations
I’m so horny today.

(yesterday. Was no sequencial thread thread at the time)

So I quit papers and got a real job. Now I want to quit the real job…

I feel like a rat!!!

Mr. Turkey, thou art truly butt ugly

I’m auditioning for a Cuckoo’s Nest on Monday

Strangely pleasurable sensations
I feel like a rat!!!

Looks like I won’t have to kill my brother after all!
Hasn’t he given me enough grief?

What’s the funniest thing you’ve EVER seen/heard/done?
Ask the cop

Share your same-sex marriage story!
Strangely pleasurable sensations

I feel like a rat!!!
I guess I’m just looking for some sympathy

Weird things you believed as a kid.
The Corvair sure was fun to drive!!!

US v UK Laundry Appliances
Who doesn’t have the legal right to marry?

Help using MIDI Keyboard in Finale.
Active Noise Reduction Idea…

How do I open my pocketwatch?
What are the long term effects of a missing tooth?

I accidentally Put Softener In where the soap should go
Is there a term for this psychological concept?

Rights not currently granted to gays
Getting my car to honk whenever I lock it

I just cheated on my wife.
Hey - The Mormons are here!

Re-run(?) of Eddie Izzard, Hilarious Transvestite comic
It’s Official. My little boy is growing up

Old ass virgins, what was the first time like?
Did you lurk?

When approaching a member of the opposite sex, whats the first thing you look at?
Does penis size have any Darwinian implications?

Ask the 911 dispatcher
No we don’t anwer our phone. Is that a crime?

“Ever just try a religion on for size.”

“Did you lurk?”

New job time! I’m going back to work!
If you were a dog

I had the weirdest fricken dream about gollum
Most addictive food ever!

How are you irrationally frugal
What are your irrational, compulsive buying habits?

How can I reach local 17y.o. geeks on the net? (Not perverted, I swear)
Background music everywhere–but do we need it?

“Your breasts look like…”
Interview Questions.

NYC and other City Dopers – How do you meet people?

Ah…a day off during the work week!