Etsy shop-Pen and Ink note cards

My wife has opened an Etsy shop to sell note cards based on the drawings she’s been doing for many years.

Allison’s Inks

We offer single cards, 6 and 12 card packs( mix and match any card in the shop) and a 32 card pack-one of every design.

Cards are 5" by 7" and includes envelopes. Blank inside waiting for your scripting.

Made to order, Sun-Thurs orders ship within 36 hours. Fri/Sat. orders ship on the following Monday.

Yosemite Valley**

Rocky Mountains

Winter Stream

Those are lovely! :slight_smile: I’d consider buying them if they didn’t only ship to the United States.

Thanks, my wife will be glad to hear you like them.
Since this is our first foray into this sort of thing, I didn’t want to deal with international shipping and customs right off the bat. Most likely, in a month or two, we’ll expand to Canada, Mexico and maybe Australia. I was also thinking of the relatively high cost of postage compared to the product cost.

Reported :wink:

They look pretty good. I couldn’t decide which I liked the most, so I had to buy them all :smiley:

They arrived yesterday and look pretty nice. Thanks!

Thanks, glad you like them.

Really pretty cards! I “favorited” her shop.

Thanks, R8404!

Those are really nice! I favorited her shop too.

May I be so bold and make a suggestion about her shop? The presentation of the cards is too busy with the flowers and the background furniture - her lovely drawings get kind of lost. If she could find a more neutral back ground to photograph the cards against, it will be much easier to see what she is trying to sell.

Thanks, SL. I’ll keep that in mind about the photos. I did try several other backgrounds and they just didn’t work very well.

They are just lovely. I agree about the display. A red background would make the black and white really pop. Good luck to you and your wife.

Thanks for the feedback. We discussed this and she wants to stay the way it is for the time being. She’s had a couple of people say they like it, she likes it, she’s the boss. :wink:
The feedback is very much appreciated.

The multi-card packs are now available for international sales.
I also added a 24 card pack to the line-up.

I like your product, it can be considered my future.

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