The Great Dope Post Card Exchange

In this thread there are a few people who mention being able to send post cards from where they are.
So I am proposing a post card exchange.

If you are interested you can email me at misstee_dawn@yahoo(dot)com.
I can take names and addresses for a week or two and create lists to email back to people so they can send post cards to other dopers who wanted to participate.

Any one in?

Ooooh this would be really neat. But how exactly is it going to work? Do you send a postcard to everybody or just one or two people?

(I’m asking here instead of in email because I’m sure others will want to know as well)

We could do it like we did the Valentines exchange. Have a short list and the long list.
On a short list you could have 5 or 10 people to send to, or you could go for the long list and mail a post card to everyone who signs up.

When sending your email, please include your screen name. :slight_smile:

I’m in, if anyone wants anything from the Great White North!

Cool idea! I love postcards; I’m in. (E-mail sent.)


e-mail sent.

E-mail sent.

Hope we have a big texas turnout…

Email will be sent as soon as I finish typing this!

Cool! I’m in for the long list!

I’m in. I already e-mailed you, misstee, but I forgot to put my username in. I’ll do it again.

I e-mailed you yesterday from my work account (shhhhhhh…).

I haven’t gotten any postcards yet. :frowning:

ohh I’m in too…

I hope everyone is looking forward to postcards from senic rural Pennsylvania :slight_smile:


I figured out who you were. :slight_smile:
I haven’t made out list and sent them out yet.

get back to work :wink:

I’m in! (I loved the Valentine exchange.)

Do you want us to send any particular type of postcards? Regional? Joke? Anything goes?

Another doper in email suggested regional post cards.

I’m in. Email sent.

Count me as a person who wants regional cards.

I was drunk and stoned about a month ago . . .

then I got on ebay . . .

it could have been worse, but what I ended up doing was purchasing four Pink Floyd Wish You Were Here post cards for about $20. I figure they’ll be collectors items??? Or I could just mail 'em I suppose.

I’ll send ya’ an email in a minit

In :slight_smile:

Sounds fun! I’ll send an email from my sdmb email address once I get home.