Etv78- question for you

I suppose I shouldn’t expect an actual answer, but might as well give it a go.

In this thread, you claim that you’ve got a much better handle on your mental health issues and will have no problem being a positive role model as a teacher. However, a cursory google search pops up a thread on a caregivers board only a few days old, in which you continue with your (sick, IMO) activities of pretending to be the parent of a disabled child.

How do you manage the disparity between your behavior and your belief that you’re totally ok now?

Since we’re in the Pit, I’ve a few more questions.

If you have spina bifida (sp) etv78, why do you have to ask other parents what children of spina bifida face? And why did you once have to PM a wheelchair user here on the SDMB with similar questions?

And, to be frank, do you really expect to graduate from your BA? Your survey for your research project was not college quality work IMO, and I understand you were deleting responses at will, so your findings will be biased.

I think the really creepy thing is that he keeps asking about SB children’s elimination and suppositories. That’s just… really off-putting to me.

Okay, that’s beyond creepy into some other territory altogether.

Look, dude, I get that you’re messed up. I get that you have parent issues. Maybe your trolling allows you to be the loving and concerned dad you wished that you had had. Find help that doesn’t involve wasting the time and manipulating the emotions of actual parents with a shit load of worries on their minds.

You’re a parasite. Stop it. And please, please, please stay away from children.

(Replying to bobkitty)

I suspect he thinks his care as a child was mishandled by his adoptive parents, and that’s him researching for evidence to blame his dad for his bowel problems.

I suspect he’s a fucking asshole but your explanation is a lot better.

Hey, hey, there’s nothing to say we can’t BOTH be correct :wink:

I may not be the most dedicated poster but I do read here almost daily. I can’t figure out how I missed this guy.

Safe to bet there’s a slim to none chance he will respond to any of this?

Kudos to the OP for the chuckle I got from Bob Ducca’s response in the other thread.

He’s an odd duck.

I hope I’m not too out of line for the Pit.

Totally out of li…oh wait, you said “duck”.

Well this says it better than I can.

That would be an excellent excuse if the questions weren’t always about a baby girl. (vomiting smiley)

You’re welcome for the chuckle, Really. :slight_smile:

Well, he wouldn’t want to out himself on the internet.

While I hate to shut down a good etv78 pitting, the OP here is primarily calling him out for things he’s posted on other message boards, with violates our rule about bringing off-board drama here.