EU referendum: with respect, Mr Trump, fuck off.

Donald Trump is now going to visit the UK the day before the EU Referendum. Mr Trump, it’s OUR vote, not yours. Please respect us enough to let us get on with it. President Obama’s comments were ill-received to say the least; yours… Ahem. The less said the better.

You’re free to speak, but you don’t get a vote, and co-opting us into the American election is out of order; we’re not part of the US - you fought a war over that, remember? Please just fuck right off and have the courage to respect our decision, whichever it may be.

Well you have to admit, it’s pretty brave of him to be visiting an Islamic state.

Didn’t he say he didn’t know what Brexit was just the other day?

You really should be politer to your future Overlord.

Since when did that ever stop him?
Ignorance is strength.

Is there an itinerary yet? I so want to do that hair/balloon thing they did in Scotland.

He’s going to open the refurbished Turnberry hotel/course/whatever in Ayrshire, so there might be a replay of the earlier electrostatic hijinks documented here:

I don’t see how this affects the EU referendum, or constitutes “co-opting us into the American election.” Who exactly is going to change their mind because of Donald Trump? It seems to me that there are two main groups of British opinion re Trump: 90%: Have heard the name but don’t really know who he is: 10%: Think he’s a buffoon.

A bawbag! That is exactly what Donald is! I commend Scotland for their many excellent contributions to the Queen’s English!

Oh its a lot higher than 10%.

Consider this, tonight in a Sky News televised debate it was an accepted shorthand to ridicule Micheal Gove’s sides position by linking it to Trump. It didn’t even need explanation, everybody there and everybody listening immediately accepted that the comparison was an easy way of ridiculing Gove’s rhetoric.

I agree that nobody in the UK cares what Trump thinks about the EU, but plenty of people know who he is and far more than 10% think he is an idiot.

Your British Prime Minister and the Mayor of London have already chosen to comment on the U.S. election. Maybe Trump would like to return the favor? OTOH, maybe those two should please respect us enough to let us get on with it?

The EU doesn’t appear to be doing to well. The United States of Europe it ain’t. Maybe Britain would do better on it’s own? Maybe Scotland would do better on it’s own?

Trump is visiting one of his properties in Scotland. Your media outlets may chose to take advantage of this opportunity to badger Trump with questions about your political and economic issues?

They had a chance to ban him, and they passed on it. Now he can go to Britain any time and say and do anything he wants.

Eh? That petition thing? Meaningless.

Nope, no foreign national can do this.

Hey, any chance you guys could keep him?

I mean, I’ve been through Heathrow a bunch of times, and it seems like there is a good opportunity to get him lost in there somewhere. One of the long passageways through customs, a detour sign pointing out a seldom used door, botaboom - batabing, he goes missing till, oh, lets say late November.


I’m not seeing a debate. I’m thinking BBQ Pit.

Go wild, my Euro cousins.

Britain, you sent us the comically womanizing buffoon with bad hair Benny Hill.

Your move.

Trump and respecting others are two things that don’t go together. He’s going because he thinks it makes him seem presidential–in this case putting America’s thumb everywhere. That’s what his people want. He doesn’t give a shit about anything else.

That said, the Brexit affects the entire world. It’s just that Trump is not the person to try and explain that.

Everyone has the right to express anything on their tiny minds. Full stop. It may not be wise, and it may not be considerate; but whatever I think of either, both the past and future presidents of America can tell Britain or any other country their views.

I say that, once he boards his flight, we should enact a temporary ban on Donald Trump entering the United States.

You know, just until we figure out what is going on.

Then maybe your PM should STFU about the US presidential election because it’s OUR vote not yours.