Can eunuch’s achieve orgasm?
I asked this ? once, got one reply, then somebody sems to have cut the ‘thread’.
If anyone knows this, I could settle an argument…maybe.

Here’s your other thread. It is not locked. Nobody “cut” your thread. Nobody has posted to it since March 4, so it fell off the front GQ page. For future reference, when you can’t find a thread, use Search to look for it. Don’t start another thread with an identical OP, and certainly not in the Pit.

I am a Eunuch. I have orgasmed. So, therefore, your answer is “yes”. :smiley:

eunuch orgasms suck (sometimes:) )

Oh well, ask for a scientist and get stand-uo comedians. Is there not ONE serious, sentient organism (no not orgasm) among Cecil’s Teeming Milyuns? Thanks for nothing. blandart

This might help–the author says that eunuchs were capable of “engaging in erotic activity,” but doesn’t really expand from there. Maybe the book would clear up your question. . .

Dude, everyone knows Chicks Dig Eunuchs.