Eureka 9/26

“Shall we play a game?”


Some interesting backstory and character development in this one. I’m glad to see Jo getting some action, and with someone just as nuts as she is. Smart cheese. One more reason to never wear red. :smiley:

Next week is the season finale. What kind of cliffhanger do they have planned for us, and when is Season Two?

My foreign-born wife did not understand my uproarious laugh-out-loud reaction to that line. Poor woman. Poor bat, too. Also, poor Jeremiah Harm comic. Wonder why they chose that one, or how that product placement worked (or maybe one of the writers in a Alan Grant/Keith Giffen fan)?

Carter lying on the couch on his second sick day is reading a copy of “The Savage Brothers” comic book which is a real life comic written by Andrew Crosby and Johanna Stokes (producer and writer for EUReKA respectively).

Jeremiah Harm, the comic Stark ripped up to cover the vents, is also an actual comic, written by Grant and Giffen (in case I wasn’t clear earlier). Wasn’t aware of The Savage Brothers.

The key question is: Did the comics belong to Zoe, or to her Dad? :smiley:

I wonder what places Jo is sporting a little pink paint?

Evidently no one misses the pizza boy too much. Hope someone called his Mom to tell her where his particles are scattered.

Well, presumably the folks inside the house don’t even know the pizza boy is gone… yet… they may question it later when they see his car outside, and certainly Carter will get a missing persons report… funny thing will be that the last place he went was Carter’s… unless there’s a video of the house doing its thing, then they will likely never know what happened to him…

I like it that he was wearing a red shirt.

IIRC, they saw him get vaporized on the targeting screen, just like they saw Zoe when she was tracked. Didn’t Carter yell something when Pizza-boy went kerblooey?

I’ll have to go re-watch it… I don’t remember them seeing/saying anything at the time.

We’ve never seen it but you know that city’s got to have the world’s most successful comic book store. :slight_smile:

Yep. It showed inside on the monitor. The ray zaps pizzaboy, just missing Henry’s towtruck. Pan to inside, where Carter says “Sarah, are you crazy?” Brad replies “Sarah’s not here.”

The red shirt, the Want To Play A Game? All good stuff! I thought I caught a 2001 reference in Sarah’s “What are you doing, Jack” statement while they were trying to power surge her brain.

yep… ok… apparently my short term memory is faulty…

what were we talking about?

Nor do I. Enlightenment?

There’s an implication that Sarah is built on the same AI from the movie Wargames. It asked “Shall we play a game?” and nearly destroyed the world with a game of global thermo-nuclear war before it decided the only way to win was not to play.

Yep. And Fargo also yells through the door, “Sara’s gone all HAL on us . . .”


Joshua is the computer.

Damn. Missed that one.