Euty moved my double entendre thread- what a dick

I’m kinda hot about it

mods suck

this qualify?


oh come on you guys-
take a poke at it…
like i said in the other thread, (in mpsims- i don’t know how to reference threads yet- sorry) it’s not to be mean,
it’s just for play…

When did they start putting computers with Internet access in the childrens section of the library?

inor, find a better hobby then annoying mods. It’s already been beaten to death, and most people are tired of it. Just a little friendly advice.


Um… right.

So, who likes pudding?

zette- it’s a joke, i’m poking fun.
please take your humorless self down to kmart and buy a sense of humor, then please feel free to come on back and stick a post in here…

Hmmm…I’ve got a really great idea on where to stick a post.

inor: I have a sense of humor. Quite an expansive one, according to my friends.

This isn’t funny. It’s not even worth being called the drainage from a popped pustule on the swollen right testicle of a syphyliic lemur.

It’s just dumb.

tiggeril- while i’m sure that spending large portions of your paycheck at the Rent-A-Friend store in your town gives you a nice warm feeling, paying people to tell you that you da man hardly qualifies as a statement of any alleged sense of humor or your cahracter in general. well, actually, it does, but not in the way you would like it to, methinks…
please, take my advice re zette. it’s ok, i hear they’re having a sale. you can borrow the money from your mom, i’m sure. she’ll probably be thanking god that you’re going to the store to get your much needed first sense of humor. but buy a small trainer size first, mmmkay? baby steps…

my, this seems to be a hot topic already…

inor self destructs in

< kaboom >

Now run along and find your blow up dolly.

And Zette can buy you a pleasant personality too…you seem to need one…buh bye Inor…


hokey smokes! For a second, I thought you wrote that I should buy myself a pleasant personality! I was thinking “wow, THAT wasn’t very nice!”
Now I see what you wrote :slight_smile:

I’m sorry I even fed it. I promise I won’t from now on. I actually posted to be helpful, as I thought he might need some newbie advice. Evidently not.

Turns out he’s an attention monger, so this is my last post to contribute to his flogging the dolphin at the site of new responses being recorded.

“They like me- they really like me”
[insert gross sound of jacking off here]

techchick, blow me, dolly.

i swear, are you all goths or something?
I’m jsut trying to ahve a little word-play fun here. good double entendres are very smile-producing.

You guys- it feels like you’re coming in here, eating all the food, shitting on the floor, re-applying your black lipstick to your lips, eyes, and genitalia, then leaving to go discuss ways to get money from your parents to fund the marylin manson surgery…and who’s folks’ car can you get to make it to the pre-op counseling sessions…jeez

euty- if you’re offended, shut 'er down. if you can see the humor (sure, it’s small so far- i’m not so good at em- that’s why i thought it would be fun to get some of SD caliber…so far, :rolleyes:, but i’m tryin…) then leave 'er up…

What you have to do, is have a piece of paper and a pen handy. When you are at the old thread, write down the web address you see at the top of the page.

Then come over to where you want to actually post your reply. In your post, type out the address by copying it from your written notes.

Then, you need to put the proper code around it. Just as {b} (but with the brackets will give you bold, and {/b} (but with the brackets will turn it off, there is code for links.

You need to type {linkthisaddress}post the address in here, and then close with{/linkthisaddress}

(but use brackets instead)

Your result will come out like this:

I know, it is time consuming and a pain in the ass, but everyone reading your thread appreciates the easy reference to the original thread.


I thought your thread was funny, some peoploe around here just need to lighten up and get a sense of humor.

Hey, thanks Freedom!

Cutting and pasting the link works even nbetter. Saves you a lot of time.

Now, let’s see now…let me check. Naah. Didn’t find it that funny, but nice try though!

or… you could move your cursor up to the “address” , right click to highlight it, go up to “edit”, bring down that menu, hit “copy”, then go back to your reply here and hit “paste”.

and, I thought the way to do that was:
{url=“insert url code here - as in paste like I said”] then you can link it with words {/url} and it’d appear like this:

then you can link it with words

( using the square brackets of course )

The easiest, of course is to simply copy and paste it, just make sure there’s a space before and after the code.

::insert sound of invisible airplane wooooshing over heads here::

naw freedom- i got it- suspected as much- gotta hope someday i have the opp to return the favor…:slight_smile:

like that?
yup, like that. thanks you guys.

Jokes are supposed to be funny. Jokes don’t really belong in the Pit, either, unless it’s to illustrate stupidity or anger. I’m closing this thread, to spare us all the pain of reading it.

Queen of the Pit

Persoanlly I would be happier to get with some opm, but I don’t think I would say no to some opp if it looked good enough.