Euty, what the hell is wrong with you?!!!

And you e-mail address? Have you reached your limit? I’ve got a secret message for you, but you inbox is not accepting any new e-mails.

Love ya!

Did y’all think I’ve got something bad to say about Euty? Perish the thought!

Don’t people use old fashion smoke signals anymore?

I don’t mean to be presumptuous and I will be careful not to say more than is necessary, but suffice it to say that Euty is encountering considerable obstacles presently beyond his control and that normal operation might be problematic.

Euty … control … normal operation …
The fact that Lib actually managed to put these all in the same sentence and maintain his sanity is absolutely incredible.

Tell me you haven’t been trying my old AOL addy which has been shut off for quite a while now. Try at

I used the e-mail in your profile, Euty. What kinda moderator are you, with your secret e-mail and junk?

It came with his Captain Midnight secret decoder ring.


Nah, **Biggirl, ** it’s just that Euty doesn’t like you. He’s got his filters set to “Everyone but that Biggirl chick.” :wink:

If Euty has filters, then how come he smells like that?

Lets not get into who smells like what…:eek: :smiley:

Especially since you seem to be in the crapper, Tony.

But it smells better than N. Indiana…

And what obstacles would those be, Lib?

There’s no reason to be circumspect about it. I’m in the middle of a divorce and just got through moving out of the house into my own place.

sends virtual housewarming cactus

Well, Eutychus, I don’t know whether sympathies or congratulations are in order. I’m in the process of ending a 20 year marriage myself, and so far I’d say that both sentiments apply equally, hence both are offered.

I will, however, wish you peace and contentment, no matter what the circumstances.

As someone who has gone through divorce, let me be the one to say:

“Congratulations on the impending dissolution of your marriage.”

Take it for what it’s worth. I know that I am now married to a much better person than before.