Eve and the Mildly Annoying All-Day Headache

Not much of a rant, I’m afraid, so I’ll get the “fuck!!” out of the way first.

Woke up at 5:00 a.m. (yes, cats, I know you want b’fast) with a headache. Staggered into the bathroom, downed what I hope were two Aspirin, back to bed. Woke up with the alarm at 6:30. Still had headache. Will have headache till I go to bed tonight, no matter how much coffee, Aspirin, Tylenol or morphine I take.

I know it’s not as annoying as waking up with cancer or missing limbs or Michael Jackson, but these all-day headaches pretty much put an end to anything useful or enjoyable occuring today . . .

I don’t get a lot of headaches, and when I DO, they’re pretty debilitating. I’m a firm believer in “sleeping it off”…sometimes deep sleep is the only thing that will help.

Poor Eve…I’d send you one of my Pinched Nerve Pills, but I’m saving my last few for emergency purposes. They’re quite wonderful, in a soft, hazy, gauzy, stupor sort of way.

I get sinus headaches, and not even extra-strength Advil gelcaps (AKA The Nectar Of The OTC Drug Gods) will touch them. Not even if I take them in multiples of three. These headaches are very similar to migraines. If I don’t take sinus pills, they just won’t. go. away. And Og forbid that I should run out - dragging myself to the store for them is agony.

In short, I hear ya.