Eve Golden Sends Her Love!

Some months back, I watched Howard Hughes’ film Hell’s Angels, which, BTW, is a spectacular film. Having some questions about the film, I figured I’d pop of an email to Eve to see if she knew anything about it. (I was really curious to see if Hughes did blow up a real zeppelin for the movie, because it sure as shit did look like it.) Eve was kind enough to tell me what she knew about it.

She asked me to tell everyone that she sends her love, but is just too busy with everything (work, writing a book, and caring for her mother) to post. From the way she describes her mother’s health, Eve could really use some good thoughts from folks.

I haven’t seen the movie, but I’m enough of an aviation junkie to tell you that in the scene when they shoot down a Gotha bomber, one of the two men flying it couldn’t bail out and was killed in the crash.

Three pilots are reported to have died during the making of the film, and Hughes nearly died during shooting. (Its when the two main characters crash their plane after the zep goes up. Hughes was flying the plane because none of the stunt pilots were willing to do it, as it was too dangerous.)

Actually, from memory the crash on the Thomas Morse plane was like this.

Hughes- Alright folks, you jump in, floor it and zoom up and turn sharp left (maybe right, can’t remember).
Pilots- Uh uh, nope, can’t do.
Hughes- What do you mean can’t do?
Pilots- that plane has a rotating engine, if you turn it at low speed, low altitude with the pedal to the metal the torque will screw you into the ground.
Hughes- Pu*****! watch me!.
Pilots, sotto voce- Get the ambulance ready
Hughes hops in, slams the throttle takes off, turns hard left… and screws himself into the ground.
Pilots- Told ya.

No wonder he ended all screwy after so many crashes. :smiley:

That is good to hear! Tell **Eve **she is sorely missed, and gets regular mention in threads about Posters We Miss. All the best for her; caring for a sick parent is one of the hardest things there is.

It was so nice of you to write to her. I miss her, too!

Here’s another post just to say, “Tell Eve we miss her!” The Board is a less lively place without her.

I still have a crush on dear Eve…

Oh yes.

Hey, Tuckerfan! Welcome back. Thanks for the Eve update.

Did they blow up the zeppelin?


Good to see you again, Tuckerfan. And thank you for the Eve update. My thoughts will be with her and her mother.

Very important information you left out of the OP. We need to know.

I miss Eve’s posts too, and hope that she’s making out okay. And hello again to you, Tuckerfan.

Ditto. Who [or what] is Eve writing about now?

Hi Eve!

(I hope she’s reading this.)

Eve’s hot. In a sultry, all-knowing-but-not-obnoxious way. I miss her.

:: waves Hi at Eve ::

I’m glad to hear Eve’s well. I was looking/hoping for a new book from her on amazon just the other day, but maybe I’ll just get the one on the Castles.

She didn’t know, but considered it possible what with Hughes being rich and crazy.

Her book is going to be a compliation of her magazine articles, and she does lurk every now and then.

Hi Eve, Goddess. If you are watching us from up there, I would like to tell you that we miss you, this place is poorer without you.

And I want a pony… if it’s OK with you. Amen.

My first doper dream was about her.

Good to know she’s doing well. Hopefully some of that good health will help her mother out and make for a peaceful, pain-free last few. (IIRC, the woman’s been in declining health for so long that wishing for her to live for a lot longer is well-meant but probably not what anyone wants.)