EVE online beginner advice

So after a few years of considering it, I found a chunk of free time and bought EVE online. Knowing that I’m likely to screw up gloriously and hilariously, I was wondering what, if any, specific advice experienced SDers had?

More specifically, the steam edition gives you some kind of booster that raises all of your stats for the first 14 days after the character is created, and consequently makes skills increase much more quickly. (Industry V took 7 days and some change before I activated the booster, now it’s taking 3.)

Given that, are there any specific recommendations for skills that I should be leveling up? I want the option to mine, so Industry V will chew up 3 days, and I’ll probably use another full day of skill training with all the miscellaneous level 1-3s that take just minutes to train, but what else should I be looking at training up while it’s fast?

(I haven’t played long enough to have an idea of what careers I want, but I do know that I want enough combat ability to do solo PvE questing, but will ultimately probably focus on manufacturing)

ETA: I know it doesn’t matter in the long run, since you can cross train, but if it’s all relevant my starting character is Caldari

You’ve probably already seen this, but just in case, here is a decent overview:

ETA: I would provide something more concrete, but it has been a couple of years since I played, and I’m sure some things have changed (I think the Learning skills has disappeared…?)

Isn’t EVE still pretty much gank-the-noob unless you can join an existing crowd for protection?

Yes and no.

Solar systems have security ratings ranging from 1.0 down to 0.0. 1.0 down to 0.6 are reasonably safe - there are NPC ‘police’ that will come and kill anybody who has killed you if you have not triggered a condition where they are allowed to kill you [you steal from their mining can for example] so normally people will not kill you because they will lose their ship. There is a player run event called ‘hulkageddon’ where you get credit for the number of ORE mining ships that you have killed, and they will kill anybody mining in anything even a newbie frigate because they have a prize for the most mining ships killed.

My recommendation is to let your character train, try to get into one of the training corporations, run missions to kill time - and I will point out that occasionally there are mining opportunities in the mission locations, I found a pocket of arkanor in a mission pocket universe that my corp turned into an 8 hour mining event for 8 of us. I spent almost all 8 hours hauling ore in a tricked out bestower with everybody else mining.

An annual bump to an EVE Online thread. I’ve been somewhat curious as to what EO is like these days (it’s probably been 3+ years since I’ve played, though I have 2-3 years total invested in it).

Is anyone still playing, or playing again? Anyone need fabrication/hauling help?