Ever been cast as a corpse on any "Law & Order" episode?

You have to agree to be actually killed. No problem about the kidney.

christine lahti wasn’t in that episode, it was one of the ones with sharon stone as ADA jo marlowe. she, along with benson and dr. warner were being held hostage in the morgue by the crazy french woman. that was indeed a weird episode. i’m not sure what she was trying to do by holding the dead kid’s corpse in her arms. i think they were just out of ideas.

Cue “…The More You Know” jingle. :wink:

Oh yeah, you’re right… Sharon Stone was kind of nutso, too…

Probably the best known actor to ever play a corpse is Kevin Costner. He was cast as Alex in The Big Chill - the guy whose funeral the other characters were attending. In the original script it was supposed to be a bigger role - there was supposed to be a flashback scene to their college days which would have shown Alex in life. But the flashback was cut and the only time we saw Alex was his body being prepared at the start of the movie (we don’t even see his face).

Which is partly why Kasdan cast Kevin Costner in Silverado.

A friend of mine was the girlfriend (later corpse) of a suicide bomber on Criminal Intent. She never looked sexier, I must say!

If the guy who was supposed to play the part dies, then what do they do?

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I always dreamed of being lucky enough to be cast as a corpse on Law & Order. I would have even accepted Criminal Intent. Unfortunately, the only show in the franchise left standing is Special Victims Unit, and frankly, I am not particularly eager to appear in an episode where the detectives are likely to discuss all of the terrible things that were shoved up my ass. It just doesn’t seem worth it.

Yeah, but is it art?

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I like how in NCIS they will have fake corpses on Ducky’s table completely naked but with a bright light focused on the crotch area to hide any naughty bits (whereas real actor corpses are always partially covered by a sheet).

<nodding sagely> They do have their issues with ADAs. :rolleyes:

Well, you might get to meet the rest of the cast, so then it depends on which era of the show we’re talking about. During the Diane Neal years, sign me up; Sharon Stone, not so much.

We always refer to this as the Magic Glowing Genitals effect.

In contrast, the BBC forensic shows (Silent Witness in particular) can be extremely graphic in showing dead bodies. While they don’t go out of their way to show the crotch area, they don’t hide it either. It’s not recommended viewing during your dinner, I’ll tell you now.

An old school buddy of mine is an actor (Mike Doyle) who is known for racking up deaths on TV shows, including Law & Order: SVU. The NY Times even did an article about it, and I seem to recall a video interview out there, too.

He also has the distinction of being a guest on two different crime shows (Criminal Minds and In Plain Sight) that were broadcast on the same night on two different networks.

I’ve acted with him, so he’s my Degrees of Separation from a whole bunch of people. :smiley:

Maybe he’ll set some kind of record. He looks too young for it now, but in another 10-20 years, he’s be perfect for the role of the partner cop who’s gonna retire in two weeks, but answers one too many calls for help and gets blasted. There’s tons of those roles every year.

In the meantime, he should look for roles in gladiator flicks and series, so he can die bloody dramatic deaths in the arena.

I did die in a horror movie, but never on a TV show!

Ooo tell.