Ever been caught in the "act"?

Perhaps a bit too peeping tom/voyeristic (and no I am niether), but in your time in the sack, have you ever been “caught” in a rather undeniable way, not that the other person gleaned what was happening, through clues, but the more literally in your face kind. Your parents or kids ever see you (god forbid) or perhaps the neighbours.

Never happened to me, but my girlfriend told me once her husband (late) and her once realised half way through the nights proceedings that their son (who was 3) was standing at the foot of the bed.

In college, my GF shared a dorm room with two other girls. GF had the bottom bunk, one roommate had the top and a 2nd roommate had a single bed on the other side of the room. Of course, this didn’t stop either of us from middle of the night adventures. One night GF was between my legs administering me orally when roommate in the single bed wakes up. GF was too preoccupied to notice; I looked over and could see roommate laying on her side facing us, eyes open. Then she sat up and leaned back against the headboard. She watched silently for 10 minutes or so until GF’s talents got the better of me and the two of us fell asleep. Nothing was ever said about it; I’m pretty sure rommate didn’t mention it to GF.

One other time a bunch of friends shared a beach house and I shared a room with a buddy. I met a girl at a bar and we went back to the house later than everyone else, so by the time we got to my room my roommate was already asleep in his bed. I think the girl took this as a challenge and we went through a number of rather acrobatic positions that night. Despite our efforts, my roommate snored through the whole thing. When I told him about it the next day he was pretty disappointed he didn’t wake up.

On half a dozen occasions, maybe more, one or both of the kids walked in on me and my wife during a morning session, right at the point of no return for one or both of us. They’re still too young to know what’s going on, though, and usually enter talking and chattering, so it gives us enough time to quickly regain our composure and act like nothing is going on. We always make sure that the morning sessions are done discretely under the covers, just in case, so we’re not hanging from the ceiling trapeze, or anything.

Nope, never.

But a few months ago, I was cuddling with my GF, all innocently, and I suddenly did something rather sexual (dryhumping, maybe?). At that exact moment, her daughter burst into the room. GF, naturally, got very mad. The daughter is old enough to remember to knock first.

Of all the moments she could have burst in on, that was one of the more innocent.

We finally put a hook and eye on our door because my son, aged 9, has developed into an insomniac just like me. He has gotten clues many times, but recently got a fairly big eyeful via our mirror. He also recently closed his door at a time when he probably could hear us.

Several years ago, I messed around with a guy who had several roommates (4 bedroom apartment). One night, a roommate walked in and got an eyeful. After that, “what if we was naked?” became something of an in-joke around the apartment.

I’ll spare the details, but when I was still in High School my dad walked in on me and my boyfriend. There was a deer in the headlights type of pause, then my dad calmly said “Oh, sorry.” and turned around and shut the door. It was never spoken of again. Until now.

Good god! In high school, I developed very good hearing for this exact reason.

I also think the uh… state of undress matters a bit as well. I would imagine with kids it would be a bit hard explaining why mommy is au natural! Not so with adults.

Married people, how do you manage!

My girlfriend’s parents were supposed to be out until well past midnight, so it was at about 11 that she decided she wanted to, shall we say, smoke my hog. On the living room sofa.

It was unfortunate that they walked in at about 11:04.

Does, “I’m so sorry honey, I didn’t know that it was already in…” count?:smiley:

Well, you see, my kids are well aware of the fact that my husband and I enjoy a healthy sex life. When they are awake and we are getting frisky, we shut the door to the hallway. There is a sign on the door that says “stay out” and they understand (ages 16 and 8).

I’ve had my share of sex in public places but the only time I’ve ever been caught was while in my ex-boyfriend’s bedroom. He had his window cracked so that his cat could enjoy smelling the outdoors while sitting on the windowsill and we had forgotten about that before we started going at it. Then we hear, “Look, a kitty!” and a few seconds later three 8 year old kids run up to the window, see us going at it, scream, “Oh my god!” and run away again. :smack:

Heh. Just over 20 years ago, gf and I literally got chased off by a farmer with a shotgun. True, he wasn’t actually loosing off at the time, and I heard him coming in time to yank my clothes on and hold him off while gf got decent, but even so…

Mrs M and I were once at her parents’ place and they came back sooner than expected. At least we were duly licensed… Mrs M is apt to be quite vocal when having the bejayzus banged out of her from behind. :smiley:

When I was 19, with my boyfriend at the time, we were “steaming up the windows” in a state park in the middle of the night. We were parked about 2 miles off the main roads, on a dirt road next to the lake. A park ranger startled us, shined the flashlight in the window, and made my boyfriend get out. He wanted to see ID for both of us and it was more awkward for him because the ranger didn’t ask me to get out of the car :eek:. He told us that we had to leave. I have never done anything like this since :slight_smile:

Although while I still lived at my parent’s house, they would always knock, but there were many frantic times when we had to get dressed in a hurry. His mother would just walk right in, but surprisingly we were never walked in on.

Not “caught” in person, but a couple of weeks ago, my girlfriend and I were testing my mattress when a friend of hers texted her. I texted back: “She can’t talk right now, she’s having sex.”

I wanted to say, “she’s getting her brains f&cked out,” but I’m a gentleman.

You read your girlfriend’s text message? During sex?

Myself, been caught twice that I remember. Once by a hotel cleaning lady, once by an eight-year-old.

My girlfriend’s 18y/o daughter had the room next to the master bedroom (common wall). One night while GF and I were going at it, daughter pounded on the wall and yelled something like “stop making noise”. Then we both received a text message saying “stop having sex and go to sleep”, of course we didn’t read the texts until the next morning.

I can’t recall being caught at the moment, but I walked in on a roommate once. He had a girl in his room, and I had made some food or something. I knocked on his door and he said, “Come in!” I should have known by how happy he was that something was up, but I opened the door anyway, to him between a gal’s legs, spread eagle. He gave me a huge grin, she laughed at me, and then I walked out.

There was also the time I had a threesome and made my buddy in my carpool come inside to see that there were, in fact, two beautiful naked women laying in my bed. Nobody would have believed me if I hadn’t shown him, but even though they were naked, they were asleep, , and I was already dressed and ready for work, so I don’t think that counts.

As a teenager, I ditched school one day to have sex with my then boyfriend :smack: Karma got me back by having his older brother burst into the room and then proceed to have a FULL ON CONVERSATION while I’m trapped under Mr. Wonderful, my big glowing white thighs a lovely contrast to my beet red face, I’m sure.

When I was in high school my then girlfriend and I would stay up after her parents went to bed to “watch a movie” in the basement. This went on daily for the better part of the year before her step father came downstairs looking for some Tums one night around 2:00am. He turned on the light and called her over to where he was standing (where he thankfully couldn’t see us) while I threw a blanket over my lap and started trying to search for my pants and underwear that were down there someplace. I found them just as he started coming round the corner and managed to get them on.

Well, managed to put both legs through the same leg hole of my underwear, but the pants were just fine. I then had to apologize to him and then leave. I ran all the way across the neighborhood like that trying to get home.

My mother caught me with a girlfriend when I was in high school. Had she come in about 10 minutes later, things would really have been bad. As it was, we were just to the kissy-face, squeezy-butt stage and the clothing was still in place.

The worst was when I was 30. I was dating a young lady. We woke up and engaged in a rousing session of good-morning belly-bumping. When we finished, we found her three-year old daughter standing at the foot of the bed, because in our lust, we had forgotten to lock the door the night before. :eek: