Ever Been On A "Losing Streak"

OK last week we had a blizzard in Chicago and I guess I dropped my iPod 'cause I went to play it when I got on the bus and only the earphones were there.

Then I lost my right glove on the bus a few days later.

Today I cashed my final paycheck from a temp job and took $30 out and I got the store and there was no money in the wallet. I guess I dropped it from the time to the bank to the store.

So I wonder what I’ll lose next, my virginity :slight_smile:

So any one else been on a streak of losing things???

I got pregnant three times, in two years. Once on the pill, once using contraceptive foam and condoms together, and once using an IUD. Miscarriage, live birth, miscarriage. If I hadn’t carried that middle pregnancy to term maybe I could have managed five or six pregnancies in that time period.

Each of those methods was supposed to be over 99.9% effective.

No so much of a losing streak and a losing descent into hell… my mid to late 20’s sucked, sucked, sucked… Family lost farm, had to leave university (no money), got my heart broken BAAAD (Ex took up with best friend), developed a drinking/drugging problem (getting rid of it was another fine bit of hell), no good jobs available, and I didn’ even think to write a country and western song…
Just about 50 now, and I can say 2 good things about that time

  1. they are gone and long ago
    2)not much scares me anymore…

Oh yeah, every now and then I’ll go through a period like that. Years ago I was working at my weekend job, and it was “just one of those days.” Really bad one. When I finally left, I walked outside and saw that a couple of young women had gotten into a really bad car accident. They were both crying. All I could do was laugh and say “Yep, that’s pretty much the kind of day I’m having.” I would have stopped to help, but I was ill-equipped to do anything but cause more misery.

That was a good day to stay in bed.

What an odd reaction. My reaction would have been “Wow, maybe the shit that happened to me wasn’t so bad.”

One of my best friends had quite a losing streak a few years ago. All in the same month he separated from his wife, found his cat dead on the road, and lost everything he owned when his apartment burned down.

It’s pretty much my entire life. But I don’t notice so much any more…

I thought this was gonna be a question about a Rolling Stones song, but you know, Markxxx?

We’ve all been through shit like this, will go through it again and so will you.

“What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger” was once written by Bananarama, and by God! I believe it with all my heart.

So should you!:slight_smile:

(Did I make you smile just a little, Markxxx?)

Hope so.

Quasi (write me if you need someone to talk to!)

I read the OP and one thing comes to mind. Pickpocket.

Yeah, I guess it was odd. I think at the time I was so wrapped up in my own shit that I couldn’t really get any perspective.

I have no memory of why my day was so bad. But I remember seeing that accident.

Woah. Getting pregnant on an IUD is certainly rare; there’s no “human error” to account for.

What’d you do for BC in the future?

I’ve been on losing streaks before. I call them “days I should have just stayed in bed”. Usually they involve a mix of the following: parking tickets, accidental injuries, clumsiness, spilling things, forgetting important things, etc.

One of my worst days was the day after I got pulled over. I didn’t realize that my registration had lapsed. And I had accumulated a small amount of parking tickets. In two cities. (And by small I mean the stack was less than 8 inches tall.) That was enough to get my car towed to an incredibly inconvenient impound lot.

I spent the next day running back and forth between cities, having to go to various registries, city halls, and other beurocracies, dealing with beurocrats and their BS attitudes. I spent my entire paycheck getting things straightened out. I finally got to the impound lot – 5 minutes after it closed.

When I got home, I was so mad that I threw my coat to my bed…

…and sprained a finger.

The IUD was still in there, too, had to have it pulled out because it was causing problems. I used complete abstinence until I managed to get my tubes tied.

Ever Been On A "Losing Streak"

Yes, I can’t get no satisfaction.

My boyfriend had a week like that back in the mid-late nineties. (I didn’t know him then)

He broke up early in the week with his girlfriend, they had a house together and he basically signed off the house to her, walked away from a house in Gatineau with only 30K left on the mortgage. (Felt sorry for her, she had chronic illness, and only worked part time, he was doing well). His car just crapped out a day or two later, so he decided to buy himself a brand new sporty whatever car. He was going to pick it up on Monday

He went out to a club on the weekend, as a single guy. He had his contacts in and his glasses in the pocket of his leather jacket. Jacket got stolen, he lost his glasses too. His contacts are ok, but he really needs new glasses, right away. Monday he gets his eyes checked in preparation for new glasses, and makes chit chat with the people at the opticians. About his new car he is going to get after he’s done here.

Ummmm yeah, about that “driving thing” …

He had reached the visual threshold of being unsafe to drive. Yank went his license, bye bye to the new car, and since his job required the use of a vehicle … he was suddenly unemployed.

Not one of his better weeks. He calls it the week I “lost my girlfriend, my house, my car, my jacket, my glasses license and job all in one week.”

The no driving thing is the only part that really bugs him. It bugs me too when itis minus forty and guess who has to go to the store…

I have a feeling the three events weren’t unrelated.