Ever Have A Unique Dream...

I don’t know about the rest of you, but sometimes I have some truly unique dreams. One of my recent favorites involves my maternal grandmother. You see, she died the month after I turned 3. And not surprisingly, I don’t remember her at all: her voice, her mannerisms, etc. But in my dream, it was discovered (this is slightly graphic) that her body was revivable. How wonderful, I thought at the time. I’ll finally get to meet her. And I didn’t ever realize it was dream (my favorite kind of dream). Anyways, I was still waiting to meet her when I woke up. Still though, I am glad I had that particular dream.

Yeah, I keep a dream journal. I really do. And I don’t record the dream unless I deem it to be a good one. But they often are:).

What do you all think of this? And please share your own dreams, if you wish.



I often have truly unique dreams. I’m hoping to use what happens in stories that I write.

In one very memorable dream decades ago, I realized I was dreaming and wondered what I looked like.

The era was about 10 years before I was born, and I recognized the house as my grandmother’s. I was an adult, waiting for my soldier to come home from WWII, had been looking out the front door toward the little main street. It was snowing. I found a mirror in the alcove near the front door and looked at myself. The light was dim, but I could see myself, my hairstyle, and dress. I’ve never had a dream like that since.

Count Blucher, I have always wanted to incorporate the rest of that dream (he came home, was not happy with me) into a story, too. I recreate the scene I saw from the door with a Christmas village I display every year.

This is why someone must invent a dream recorder.

I’ve had some interesting dreams in my life, the earliest I remember from age five. But I don’t have time to post them now.

I did have an interesting dream the other night. William Shatner had been killed in some horrible way… In the '70s. It didn’t make sense to me, sense how could he then do the Priceline commercials? That’s all I remember of it.

Mother was an English teacher, so:
“UNIQUE” does NOT mean “unusual”. It means “the only one of its type”.
It is a binary state, like pregnancy - it is or it isn’t.

Don’t get me started on “most unique”.

And I suspect that every dream is unique across all species capable of dreaming.

To the OP: Yes, every night.

Well, something odd has happened recently and I really don’t understand why or what the internal message could be.

Previously, I would have dreams with confrontation with someone either a stranger or someone from my past. I am armed with a handgun, typically something small though sometimes a 9 mm or even my fathers old 45 service gun. Typically it misfires, or I miss, or if I do hit them, the wound doesn’t seem to slow them down/deter them/whatever.

About 2 weeks ago, I had a dream where I ended up being equipped with a pair of 38 cal revolvers in shoulder rig under my coat. I am wandering around in the hidden back area of a mall that is being used by a secret society that somehow I have ended up getting an in with. There is a guy that is also a member who is abusive towards anybody he perceives as weaker or otherwise suitable to be victimized, and I have a confrontation with him where I shoot him. Unlike previous similar dreams of confrontation, it works and he dies. I leave the hidden area and am walking around outside headed for another plaza that has a shoe store because I decide that I want to have boots rather than sneakers - the guns seem to have real solid weight in their holsters, and I am comfortable with them, they feel right and proper there. Then I wake up.

I had an almost identical dream last night, except I was going shopping for better clothes, I wanted to get some nice sturdy denim jeans in a lighter blue to match my jacket.

So, we have me able to finally use guns to proper effect in my dreams - but nothing is going any better in real life, this year has been screwed up so far:(