Ever review some of your ancient posts and...

wonder, did I post that ?

That isn’t me is it ? Weird.

I have been here for over 9 years and I really don’t want to see any posts from the early years. I have grown a lot since then. OTOH, I have stumbled across some posts that were a few years old, thought that they were brilliant, and then realized that it was me that wrote it.

Thankfully, I’ll never have to deal with this problem, as I cannot read.

I had a similar experience – once I was reading a history topic and one post jumped out at me as being in particular agreement with my understanding of the matter. “Who wrote this? I have to remember this person,” I thought, when I reached the end of the post. I scrolled back up to find my own name. The thread was older and had been bumped back up by someone; I’d forgotten it.

I do sometimes think “I hope no one noticed this post,” but it’s not always older posts, unfortunately. :slight_smile:

I recently read through some old posts. I once started a game of “Go Fish”, message board style. Upon re-reading it in 2009, I could not possibly understand the purpose or the rules. Or maybe lack thereof.

Some of those old posts did not even sound vaguely familiar.

Glad to see I’m not the only one who feels embarrassed reading things I’ve written long ago. Recently I found some essays I wrote in high school. :eek:

But the oldest piece of writing of mine I found was a Geocities page I put up as a guide to getting a certain key in Everquest. I wrote it when I was 14 years old (almost 10 years ago), and was amazed to discover recently through a Google search that it’s still up! Not only is it still up, but it’s the top result if you Google the name of that particular key in quotes. (probably won’t be for much longer since Geocities is supposedly ending soon) The writing is a little campy but surprisingly detailed and articulate for such a young mind. I even cited my sources! I was kinda proud of myself for that one.

Yes, I too have had both sides of that experience. I am always trepidatious about going back and rereading what I have written.

I don’t usually re-read things I posted in the past, but on the occasions that I have, I have been pretty satisfied with the way I have expressed myself. The occasions on which I have regretted posts generally involve disclosing too personal info (which makes ensuing disagreement unpleasant), posting something primarily to be nasty, or getting into a pissing contest with someone.

In an old comic strip thread, I proclaimed “Citizen Dog” to be my favorite newspaper strip. I haven’t the faintest recollection of that strip today.

Seconded. And I’m not known for having a particularly big ego.

When I look back, I notice that I used to use way too many smilies, and that I used the “show sig” button way too much.

I’ve also had situations where I’d follow a link to an ancient thread, and while reading it I’d find myself thinking “well that’s a stupid thing to say…who the hell posted that nonsense?”. One guess who it was.

Well thanks, but how about when you’ve re-read your posts? :stuck_out_tongue:

This happens to me a lot - with stuff I’ve written and with code I’ve created (sometimes I’m impressed with its ingenuity, other times, I’m embarrassed at its naivety).

The ‘me’ of the past is a different person that I don’t really know very well.

Just found this, my third post ever:

Sounds like me.

If you do say so yourself.

Nope not at all.

And to think, that’s the question that initially made me register for these forums…

Why, yes. Yes, I do. :smiley:

Is this me?