Ever suspect that a parking attendant was flatulent in your car?

I LMAO years ago at an early Osbournes episode when Kelly was complaining to Sharon that a parking attendant farted in her car. Kelly’s posh Brit accent just made it all the funnier. She was always such a drama queen on that show. I tried to find a youtube clip and couldn’t. A shame because that had to be one of season 1’s funniest moments. Kelly was so prim, proper and so outraged that her car was defiled.

Always wondered in real life if this ever happened to anyone. Have you nearly gagged getting back into your car after the attendant gets out?

Sure, but I figure it’s just payback for the one I left him.

I wondered if maybe Kelly had stiffed the attendant the last time she was there. He may have gotten even the next time she needed her car parked.

Well, now I do.

I never valet so farting attendants isn’t an issue. Well, technically it is an issue, just not within my sinusoidal watershed.

She who smelt it, dealt it.

I’ve never had a valet park my car.

No but when I use someone else’s car I always joke that I left a fart in there for them to enjoy later.

This. :mad:

This is what I was going to post.

What they said.

I’d rather park a block away than have a valet hotdog drive my car. Farting is not an issue; car abuse is my concern.