Ever Walk In On Mommy & Daddy Playing 'Horsey'?


But I got walked in on. Twice. In the same session!

First time it was the girl’s three-year-old daughter. She woke up from a bad dream and just walked right in.

Somehow we were able to continue, so a little while later, the girls’ younger sister - a very good friend of mine - walked in, stared for a second, said “Whoa, sorry guys!” and walked out.

I still tell the friend that since she’s seen me naked, I get to see her naked. For some reason, she hasn’t taken me up on that…



I also walked in on my roommate, and heard lots of noises in the dorms.

No big deal.

Since I’m the youngest child in the family, my parents obviously never, ever had sex after I was born.

That’s my belief and I’m sticking to it.

Nevern when I was little, but when I was 18 I came home for mthe beach very early and walked in on mom and dad on the kitchen table.

I refused to eat at the table after that.

I’m with flodnak. Never walked in on 'em, obviously because they completely stopped having sex after I was born.

I’ve caught friends having sex more than once. To be fair, I’ve been walked in on too. :o

This thread is making me laugh like a hyena, BTW. :slight_smile:

I’ve mentioned it before, but it bears repeating. In the 70s and early 80s my parents had an old-fashioned, full-motion waterbed. Let me tell you, the sound of the waves crashing can be heard over the noise of a television and two locked doors.

[Mrs Buchman]

What, like I never washed it afterward?

[/Mrs Buchman]

Umm… I saw videographic evidence once.

Pardon me while I go barf up my lunch.

Oh god. Oh god.

Scoops out eyes with a spoon

I’ve never walked in on my parents. One time when I was probably 12 I walked into my parent’s bedroom and my mom quickly pulled the covers over her because she was very obviously naked. And I would like to thank everyone posting here for the great mental images being imprinted in my brain.

i’m an only child. they obviously got things right the first and only time!

No, I never have, thankfully. But if I can throw in a FOAF story: my friend’s friend supposedly found a videotape of his parents in the act, but, not realizing it was his parents (it was allegedly blurry and filmed at a distance), masturbated to the tape twice before, at the end of the tape, he could clearly see his dad getting up close to the camera to turn it off. He (the FOAF) then rushed to the bathroom to throw up.

I never quite understood why sometimes their door was locked at night when I would have a bad dream and need comforting. I figured it out after I got older.

So no, I’ve never seen them do it. I’ve only seen them kiss a handful of times in my life. I’m not talking about pecks, though.

I’ve never been walked in on while getting it on, but I have been almost caught fooling around.

Can someone please enlighten me as to why the idea of ones parents getting it on is so awful? My parents fuck. Your parents fuck, so do his, hers and his. What on earth is the big deal? I mean honestly, folks, are we all 12?

I’ve managed to mostly convince myself that I was dreaming the one time this happened to me. Since then, I prefer to imagine that my mother is somehow capable of immaculate conception.

Weirddave: I think it’s mostly an oedipal thing, although I don’t know if that can explain this attitude for females.

It’s not that I can ever recall lusting after my mother and wanting to replace my father sexually, it’s just that I was under the impression that our relationship was somehow more intimate. The image of your parents having sex, whether real or imagined, shatters that illusion of having a greater intimacy.

I guess this probably all depends on how openly intimate your parents were. I imagine that people who’s parents were openly intimate don’t suffer from this denial of their parents’ sexuality. As you can probably tell, mine weren’t.

So, maybe this is a lesson that open intimacy between parents is a good thing for children?

I think it’s a combination of a few possible factors:

  1. Age discrimination. No, seriously, the lack of physical attractiveness on the part of most older people sort of puts one off of thinking of them having sex. Unfair, but it’s there.

  2. When you’re a kid, you think of your parents as authority figures, and therefore unreproachable. It can still linger afterwards…

  3. Refusal to refer to other posters in lists of at least three items.

  4. Knowing someone nearby is having sex can be embarassing. After all, we think of it as a rather intimate, and in some cases gross and messy, thing, and just hearing it can make someone uncomfortable, even if it’s a couple of strangers. We feel like we’re intruding somehow by being privy to their acts. Now add that to #2 above.

  5. We know what we do when we have sex, and we’re afraid our parents do it too.

Any others?

  1. It’s just icky.

I never walked in on my parents. At least that I can recall so if I did I have thankfully blanked it out. Never walked in on anybody in fact…

[hijack]When my Grandparents 40th anniversary came around all the kids wrote up memories of their childhood and they were put together in a book for all the grand kids. One uncle was kind enough to write how he remembered they always had Sunday afternoon naps. No one was allowed to bother them at all during that time. He then said he had always wondered how they had so many kids (9) until he remembered the Sunday naps…[/hijack]

As to the icky factor it’s pretty much cuz of what the others say. My friend’s delighted in pointing out to me, when I said my mother dated like half the Fleet club guys (her words not mine), that she was pretty much a Navy groupie… eewww… just the thought of Mom or Dad getting it on (they are divorced) seems weird. I especially feel sorry for my little brother who’s bedroom is right next to Dad and his gf’s bedroom… Hope he doesn’t get any nightmares.

heh, have i got a story for YOU.

Ok, when i was about 11, i heard mom crying and thought maybe something happened to dad, i got up and went out to the living room, hmmmm his truch was home…

I hear dad yell “who’se up???” i make something up about a drink of water and high tail it to bed, finally figuring out what made the trailer shake late at night.

Fast forward to high school, mom is freshly remarried, i come home early, and her and stepdad are in the bathroom together!!! :open_mouth: i hear the shower and holler out that i am home, mom comes out all flustered, trying to explain why she was in there while he was in the shower, she claimed she was taking him towels…

“why is your hair wet Mom?”

HAHA busted!

recently, my own 11 yr old son got up to pee… and heard through me through the walls of the bathroom. :smack:

But i was alone. Well, i was on the phone, but he doesnt know that part. Regardless, much explaining resulted and he is totally messed up forever, and he thinks i am a huge pervert.
(old people side note) my grandparents have seperate beds, have for years. a few years ago, my grammy was complaining (she does that alot) about grampy, she mentioned how cold his feet had been in bed the night before.

My aunt audrey, not missing a beat, says: “i though you had seperate beds.”

Grammy nearly died!.:smack:


Nope, thankfully never walked in on my parents doing it. I think it’s because they were sleeping in separate rooms for most of my childhood [hated each other, only lived together for the kids kinda thang]. Though, when I was about 5 I found some condoms in mum’s bedside table. Didn’t know what they were, or what they were for, though now in hindsight I know exactly what they are.

Oh, and I believe that it’s nasty for kids to see their parents having sex because IT’S THEIR PARENTS! I can’t explain it! I can understand parents having sex, but not IN FRONT OF ME!


Never walked in on Mom and Dad, but when I was an undergraduate, I worked summers at a marina (gas dock). One day, a cabin cruiser pulled in to the gas dock, and the owner told me to fuel up his boat, while he went up to the snack bar for a sandwich. While pumping the gas, I heard this odd moaning and knocking sound, comung from the cabin. I looked in the side window, and saw the guys daughter, speadeagled on the floor-she was buck naked, with her bikini bottom around her ankles, with her boyfriend pumping away! She must have been having a good time, because she let out a scream , just as the gas pump shut off-scared the shit out of me(they both later emerged from the cabin, grinning ear to ear).