Ever Walk In On Mommy & Daddy Playing 'Horsey'?

Growing up, did you ever walk in on your parents while they were in the middle of a sex act?

I sure did.

Once when I was about 4 years old, I remember waking up very early in the morning to some strange noises. I tried to go back to sleep, only to be awakened once again by these noises. I remember feeling scared, so I decided to get up and go over to my parents’ bedroom to sleep in their bed, where it would be safe.

When I arrived, I soon discovered that my parents were the source of the noises. Mom and dad were really going at it. My father was on top, and he was really drilling her. Their bed was on the opposite side of the room so that the foot of the bed was facing the door, and my father had his back toward me. They didn’t have to make the ‘We were just playing horsey’ excuse, though, as they didn’t notice I had walked in. In fact, I don’t think they would have noticed if the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade had marched through the bedroom.

I didn’t really know what was going on. I didn’t say anything about it at the time, and it wasn’t until years later that I actually figured out what had happened.

So did anything like this ever happen to you?


And thank you, by the way, for undoing 25 years of repressing that hienous memory.

There’s just something not quite right about those two sentences above.

No, but I heard them going at it on several occasions.

My folks were discreet and they had an unbreakable rule that we were never to enter their room without permission. I think the rule was mostly to keep us from snooping around for Christmas presents, tho…

Anyway, the answer is no.

My Perfect Child[sup]TM[/sup] walked in one morning and informed us “I want cereal” while we were otherwise engaged. But she was only about 2, so I don’t think she was traumatized - not nearly as much as when my husband and I smooch in public these days.

I came in after the act. I jumped in bed with my parents and landed in the wet spot.

Lord, no. Amazingly enough I never heard them, but I was pretty young when I figured out what a locked door meant.

That is absolutely horrible. You trumped everyone.

I walked in on my parents once. My older sister had taken my younger sister and me to the ice cream shop a few blocks away. I guess my folks thought we would be eating it there instead of walking home with it…they left their bedroom door open. Ew.


Okay, might as well stop the thread here. It doesn’t get more traumatizing than that.

My folks were never quiet in their sessions so I often heard them whilst I was growing up.

However, nothing beats the time I came home from work (I was 16-17 yo) late one evening to catch my mom giving my dad a bj… EEWW!

My folks were never quiet in their sessions so I often heard them whilst I was growing up.

However, nothing beats the time I came home from work (I was 16-17 yo) late one evening to catch my mom giving my dad a bj… EEWW!

My mother and sister and I were getting ready to go to Canada for two weeks. Of course, sis and I couldn’t sleep because we’re so excited. I go into the bedroom and Dad rolls over quick and Mom hops out, naked. I ask her why she doesn’t have any clothes on and she says it’s hot.

I remember one time my then toddler son climbed up in the bed while we were in the “reverse” missionary position and kindly patted me on the behind.


When I was about 17 I came home via the noisy garage door, walked into the house shouted I’m home and walked up the stairs.
Before I shouted I heard some noise but the time was too short to ID it. After a few steps I understood what was going on and carefully walked back down and out closing the door as best I could.

Came home about 30 minutes later and just pretended that I wasn’t home earlier - nothing was even mentioned about it but they must have known I was there.

No, but I’d hear them sometimes. At first you try and make believe it’s not happening. It’s the wind. Yeah. The wind.

Then you think, my, that’s an awful regulated thumping noise for wind. And the wind certainly does sound like its enjoying itself. And the wind was in quite a rush for me to get upstairs earlier.

Oh my God.

So you shut the door. Quickly, quietly, and with immense efficency. You baracade that bastard. You baracade your head with pillows. Indeed, you nearly asfixiate yourself. Then you move on to think about non-sexual things like Richard Nixon and Mason jars.

And then, after about ten, fifteen minutes…you’re not sure if it’s still going on or not. Maybe, you muse, it’s safe to open the door up again and move on with the night as if it never happened. The healing can begin. Besides, they can’t possibly still be going at it. That was…long ago.

And eventually, curiosity gets the better of you. You do open the door.

And from there you’re back to blaming the wind. shakes head sadly

One time when I was quite young I got out of bed and went in the family room to ask my parents something. At the time I had no idea what was going on, but at a much later age came to the revelation that my mother had been giving my dad oral sex when I walked in. The worst part, though, was my mom was so freaked out and screaming at me that I was terrified I committed some capital offense by not staying in bed after bedtime, which caused me to be extremely high-strung later in life.

Nope (although I may have heard them once-I thought I heard someone moaning, but my mother said it was my dad because of his leg-he as arthritis-and it actually sounded like someone in pain. I don’t think it was sexy moan).

HOWEVER, my mother once walked in on her in-laws (my grandparents). GAG!!!

And she once told us about the time she was at my grandparents (her parents), when my grandfather first started to get sick. She was with my grandmother who was talking to the doctor. My grandmother said, “And Dr, since he’s on this medicine, he can’t make no sex anymore.” My mom said she about died.

Surprisingly, no. I’m one of the lucky ones. :slight_smile:

I was also a very oblivious and naive child…

I did a couple of times. The first time, I was eight. I opened the door, saw what they were doing–I don’t remember if the lights were on, or if I turned them on–and then ran back to my room. I knew exactly what they were doing.

My mom came in about 10 minutes later and comforted me.

The other time, I was about 16 or 17. I noticed that my parents’ door was shut, and it was past when they normally got up. I opened the door, saw what they were doing, rolled my eyes, and said “Dad, you’re gonna be late for work.”

I still hear about that.

Nope. They must have been pretty quiet. Whenever they locked the door to the bedroom, we knew something was up, but I never saw anything, thank God.