EverQuest Dopers- Server Question

I have decided to come back to EverQuest after a few months vacation and would like some server suggestions. I have a 56 beastlord on Stormhammer who was created on Stormhammer and can move to almost any server. I have no intention of continuing to play on SH at the moment…sooooo, I’d like some suggestions on where I should move her.

She is in average or slightly above average gear for her level. I tend to solo mostly, but I do enjoy grouping. I quit before LDoN and haven’t bought the expansion yet, but I have all the others. SH has a very low population so I am not used to competing for solo spots, but then again, maybe grouping will be easier on another server.

What server should I try? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m sure everyone will put in a bid for their own server! I’ll be the first:

Tunare has a nice mix of mid to high level players, with the majority being higher level (ie 50+). Still, it’s not an overpopulated server - solo spots are typically open. If you have some special spots that you like, list 'em here and I’ll check around and see if they’re mostly open or if they’re permacamped.

Groupwise, I think you’d be very happy. LDoN makes it easy to get a group on almost any server. There are also many players around your level, so planes groups aren’t too hard to get into.

If you’re interested in guilds, I can recommend a few. There are hard core raiding guilds, family guilds, and hybrids. Of course, the best is MY guild. We need BLs, but you need to be 62 to get in. Maybe in a few levels? :wink:

Thanks Athena. Tunare sounds like an interesting server. Do they have a message board? Does your guild have a message board?

When I soloed, I think I was mostly camping one of the ships in Dulak or the spiders in Velks ( I hate spiders!!!). As far as grouping, I enjoyed PoN, Veksar, and crawling through Droga. I never did make it to see the new Nurga. PoD could be fun sometimes, killing the lightcrawler looking mobs. I never really had the chance to explore PoP very much. I would like to see more of it, maybe even get some flags.

I’m still waiting to here from a Stormhammer GM about moving. I’m not sure how long it will take with the fires and such. I can’t wait to get back into EQ. I miss my little kitty! LOL

Vazaelle is a nice server, with among the lower server populations. The new LDoN stuff is fun. There is a sdmb channel. sdmb pw sdmb/ there havent been alot of people in it lately but it is there. (That is a serverwide channel) You can visit most of the server’s websites through this link

Tunare has a message board, but it ain’t great. Pretty much gets used to flame people and to attempt to reserve planes for raids.

It’s at http://pub13.ezboard.com/btunare

My guild is at www.galeofdestruction.net. I’m Bryllyn there.

I’ve done both the ships in Dulak and spiders in Velks. About half the time I go to either, they’re empty. The other half of the time there’s people there, but not so many that I can’t grab a camp spot. I’ve never waited to kill in either of those places.

I’d guess you wouldn’t have much problems finding groups, either in the Planes or elsewhere. LDoN has taken some of the crowds away from the lower level planes, but there’s still people there.

Thank you both for suggesting your servers. I believe I will try Tunare. I will definitely join the channel when I play. I can’t wait to start again. I just got an email back from legends moveback. It will probably be a couple of days before I get moved, but it looks like I get to keep my prize possession, my guise of the deceiver! Yay! I hope you won’t mind if I ask you a lot of questions Athena. I can’t wait to start leveling again. I won’t have LDoN at first, but I hope I will find a few groups to join in the planes in the meantime. Thanks everyone.

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