Calling all EVERQUEST players!

I had an idea. Why don’t we pick a server and all start new characters on that server so that we can play together? We could even form a guild.

Most of us play on scattered servers so it is hard (nay, impossible) to get together. Obviously no one would be abandonning their current characters or anything, we would just be adding a new one to our collection.

Anyone in? Anyone have a server suggestion? My current characters are on The Rathe.

I’m in. Sounds like a great idea. I have characters on the Tunare server, but I’d be willing to make a new one somewhere else.

I don’t think we should pick a player vs. player server or the FV server, because of the language restrictions.

Heh… I was going to suggest FV simply due to the lower server population and lack of twinks. But I’ll keep an eye on the thread and if it amounts to something, I’ll show up :slight_smile:

Other than FV and the PvP servers, one server’s pretty much the same as the next.

I don’t play, but my husband said he would if you would let me know which server you are going to.

He uses Torvonious (sp?).

I’m in too! How are we going to decide what server to use though?

OK, we could play on FV, we just need to take language restrictions into account when we create our characters.

OR, we could play on Rathe and get Opal to twink us! :slight_smile:

Always nice to see fellow Norrathians! I wish I could, but I’m in a big guild and time in game is pretty tied up.

On a bright note, my guild tackled NTOV for the first time this weekend!

I would definitely be down for that. I’ve got characters on Morell-Thule mainly, but I’m always willing to try something new.

id be up for it but i perfer the fv server but i doubt the rp perfered restrictions would work for what we want to do

Since they enforce the trivial loot code and the alignment restrictions ie dark elves cant group with a group/religion that hates them

just a bit off topic has anyone seen the eq-suicide story ? i have a lino or a post on it …

I’m on Tunare as well, but I’d be willing to hop over to another server for some fun events occasionally.

Saw a great idea by a guild on Mithaniel Marr, looks like a blast, should be even easier to do now with the rules about re-appearing at your bind point with your gear and exp intact.

Raid Crushbone

Wonder if we could take Ambassador D’Vinn though :eek: He’s a major :wally


I’ve been thinking of joining the EQ phenomenon and have some questions the veterans. EQ is free, yes? I can pick up the Trilogy for some $30, does it matter which I use?

Of course, I’ll need to find the enormous amount of time to actually participate if I decide to get it. :slight_smile:

We should all have characters on Faedwyr so I can play a Gnome Shadowknight.


Another board I do has a group of people who started a guild on FV. Easy enough given that you can have humans, barbarians, half elves and erudites all speaking the same tongue. They’re all neutral or good though (no SKs or Necros). TLC never bothered me, even in the Warrens and SM back when it was implemented and it’s nice to not have 110 people in Eastern Commons.

But really, it’s all the same to me… I was just making a suggestion. Like I said, past FV and the PvPs, there’s no real difference for a bunch of casual players between Veeshan and Morell-Thule and Saryrn and Prexus and Luclin and… etc. So all we have to do is up and pick one :slight_smile:

EQ is free, no. You can buy the jewel case version of the game for $9.95 or so or the Basic/Kunark/Velious trilogy for $30ish. I don’t recall if Luclin comes with Basic EQ in it. Costs $9.95/mth to play, soon to be $13 come April 25th. First month is free.

Ah, only free for a month. Guess I won’t be doing the EQ thing anytime soon, then.

Ok I have an idea for choosing a server, but here is the thing.

A - Do we want a server that might not have anyone already on it (it can be nice to have a higher level character to help with money and such initially)

B - Or do we want to go with a server that may already have some of us with established characters?

I’m going to assume that A is ok, and with that in mind, everyone please post a number between 1 and 5.
mine: 2

My husband’s on Fennin Ro, but says he’d like to play with you when you pick a server.

Well, if 2 is good enough for Opal… “2”

So long as it’s not Saryrn as I’m plum full up there.

2 is ok for me as i only have one character and thats a 23rd sk on e0marr

2 is good for me! Did I win anything?:smiley:

ok 2 + 2 + 2 + 2 = 8

Looking at the server list… number 8 is…

Druzzil Ro !

everyone ok with Druzzil Ro?