EVERQUEST players -- scheduling and info thread

Um, is it just me, or is there no OP here?

I’ll check back in a minute and if it still looks messed up I’ll email Opal and a moderator or two.

AHa! I knew something was going wrong and so I copied it into Notepad. Here it is:

For those who don’t know, a bunch of us here and at Fathom have started new characters on the Druzzil Ro server so that we can play together.
That thread is here http://boards.straightdope.com/sdmb/showthread.php?threadid=108212

We need to nail down a few things. Firstly, the name of the guild. What is on the table right now is Legend Urbana
Please post a vote for or against that suggestion…

As soon as we get that nailed down, I can set up a quick page for the guild and start an account at Guildmagic to help maintain info about it.

Next up is figuring out when people play so that we can meet up a few times a week. I’m going to arbitrarily throw out 3 suggestions… if they are good for you, say so. If they are bad, say so and offer a better time. We should quickly be able to hammer out a set of times when most of us are on.

Sunday afternoons-evenings starting at 3pm EST
Tuesday nights starting at 8pm EST
Friday nights starting at 9pm EST

Let’s start with that and go from there. How many of those could you make per week? What change would make it better for you?etc.

Next is the people. Here are who I know of so far:

**Opalcat, shaman (me)
Krivll, chanter and Udhu, warrior (my husband UDD)
Astroboy, druid & Astroalt, chanter
Jophiel, cleric
Laoz, monk
Moxmaydin, pally and Moxmayden, druid
Tremmie, rogue
kordaany, warrior
Canthearya, ranger

(so let’s add your character now!)

Once we get all set up I will create a calendar or us, too, where you can input the times you will be on and plan events ands tuff.

So please: 1) vote on the guild name “Legend Urbana” 2) see if the listed times work for you, and make better suggestions if not. Ideally everyone should make it to at least 2 gatherings per weeeeek… 3) make sure your name is on the list :smiley:


  1. Legend Urbana is alright, but if it’s still open for nominations I like Teeming Millions better. (Is it trademarked? If so, could we get permission to use it?)

2a) Sun at 3 pm EST = 2 am for me, so I would only make those occasionally, but if you got going a couple hours earlier I would be there.
2b) Tues at 8 pm EST = never, that’s during my work hours
2c) Fri at 9 pm EST = Sat morning, this works great.
I don’t expect you to come up with a bizarre schedule to suit my playing times. (But Astroboy is also in this time zone.)

  1. Please add Heresiarch, Bard to the list

I have two accounts, so I could field another character in case we have trouble gathering ten players for the guild creation.

I’d rather not use Teeming Millions because this is a joint SDMB and Fathom adventure, not a SDMB only one.

Legend Urbana sounds good to me.

I can’t commit to a time. I’ll keep the ones you’ve listed in mind; however, I share a PC with my hubbola…

Lunch Bunch anyone? Is anyone up for playing around lunchtime? We could arrange certain days for that also…

Since nobody has seriously objected, I’m going to go with “Legend Urbana” and start setting things up.

I can make lunchtime playdates.

Do you need us to do anything to help get Legend Urbana going? I’ll look for it on the guildmagic website.

yeah when it’s time, we need to get everyone online at the same time to do it.

I’ve set up the guild at GuildMagic: http://www.guildmagic.com/guild_characters.cfm?ID=6891

If you don’t already have an account there, please sign up. If you do, please create your Druzzil Ro character there.

Add yourself to the guild (I have to “approve” you but you have to add yourself) as soon as you can, please. :slight_smile:

I have a preliminary design layout for the website, but my server is down at the moment so I can’t show you. Heh.

Oh, one more thing. How should we pronounce it?

Legend Ur-bahn-ah
Legend Ur-bane-ah

Show of hands?

Ok here is the preliminary layout for the homepage

I never hopped on the first EQ thread as I’m a casual player at best so I don’t have time to start alt toons.


Druzzil Ro happens to be my original stomping grounds, or it will be again after I move back from Stormhammer (move pending). I’m affiliated with another guild presently, but my 40 Mage is at your service for some minor twinking and a lot of help if you need it. I just looted a 15/32 piercer last night that is SK only, so a gnomish SK may soon be created as well :slight_smile:

I will keep Legend Urbana on my who list, and if you see Juxta the looney mage kicking around feel free to send me a “Hail”.

Legend Urbana works fine for me!

As for times, etc., I can’t make any firm commitments; my schedule is really screwy and changes weekly depending on what’s going on… also I have to play my other chars on Tunare sometimes (my poor Druid has been at lvl 26 freaking FOREVER), so you’ll see me on Druzzil Ro on and off! (though I am having a lot of fun playing my new chanter! Very challenging class!)

** Opal ** don’t I get an honorable mention at least as guild supporter / rezzer / whatever? :slight_smile: I can create a character to help in the creation if needed, just send me a tell and i’ll get on it.

Kold yes you are our Very Special Friend lol
the text that is on the page right now is just filler to see how the layout works.

Kold yes a dummy character to create the guild would be most helpful and excellent :slight_smile:

As far as times go, I may be a little late on Sundays (about an hour), but otherwise I can play then. Tuesday nights won’t work for me. Friday nights are iffy. It would be great if we could change either the Tuesday or Friday evening matches to Thursday.

Sunday afternoons-evenings starting at 3pm EST
Tuesday nights starting at 8pm EST
Friday nights starting at 9pm EST

UDD and I are in the game now. Get your butts in there, people! :smiley:

Wish I could! I’m at work now… :frowning:

Woohoo we had fun in Steamfont. Man those new earth elemental animations are hilarious! They walk/run like old men trying to hold in a fart, then sped up to keystone cops speeds. Totally hilarious! :smiley: