Everquest Online Adventures.

Tried it for a month. It sucks. The graphics suck. There is almost no sound in the game. There are alot of times that I will go into a menu to hear the clicking just to make sure my TV isn’t muted. The controls suck. The menus suck.

The game sucks.

I played the PC version for about a year and was never fanatical about it but it was fun enough and it destroys this game in everyway.

Worst video game commercial ever too. “Time to slay the dragon!” Sheesh.

If anyone wants to try this game I will get rid of it for half price, thats $25 greenbacks, or I will trade you for a different game, I don’t care, and you don’t need to worry about the serial number either because I have no desire to play this game again. I know there are EQ nuts on here but if no one wants this POS I will throw it in the microwave. Email me at beefchips@hotmail.com if you want this crappy game.

(Actually I don’t understand why they even have the serial numbers for this game on PS2 because you can’t play it without the disc anyway and how rampant is PS2 game copying anyway?)