Where do you think the storyline will go this season? I don’t know about you but I am OVER the Colin storyline. Maybe the kid should just die so we can move on to another storyline. Ephram and Amy don’t have any chemistry so I don’t see them “wanting” one another.

I’ll put it in a story box just in case.

I think Colin will die, here’s why.

The family is just becoming accepted into the community and Dr Brown will be held responsible for the death of one of Everwoods most beloved citizens.

Either that, or he doesn’t quite die during the surgery and Dr Brown is left with the decision to pull the plug or not (I seem to remember Colin telling Dr Brown that he doesn’t wish to live under certain circumstances). The repricussions of Dr Brown pulling the plug on Colin (or at least pushing for it) would be the same as the above paragraph.

Colin living isn’t really an option as far as I can see. At best, he will be left in a coma again like the beginning of last season.

My girlfriend got Everwood’s season 2 on DVD the second it came up on Amazon and she wanted to watch some of it with me. I watched about 5 minutes and said that if we were to watch it, we should start from the beginning, which she agreed to.

So we’re at about episode 12ish (Dr. Brown and the psychiatrist just got it on)and I’m impressed. So far, this show is pretty good. I’m really not the target demographic, but the characters’ interactions seem pretty interesting so far.

I look forward to being disgusted and disappointed by it, although I hope it doesn’t happen soon.

Total guilty pleasure. Don’t feel bad for wanting to keep watching, even when it gets pretty soap opera-y.

I dunno. I’ve got a really low tolerance for that kind of thing. Ephram’s constant bitching turned me off a little bit, but he shaped up nicely. I’m pretty sure it doesn’t stay that way, though.

I am totally not the demographic (“Is this the episode where the town blows up? Where they torture Dr. Abbott? Oh, well, I’ll watch anyways.”), but the wife and daughter liked it, so I joined them (back in the days of its network run). And…got hooked.

Yeah, Ephraim’s a whiner, and I kept expecting him to crash and burn for it, and really didn’t want to watch him to become a homeless jazz pianist heroin addict but [too lazy to spoiler] that… [look away! There’s my spoiler alert] …doesn’t happen! And Amy’s sweet but troubled and Hannah’s sweet but sweet and Dr. Brown and Delia are well-played (he’s great in the flashbacks, as the too-busy-for-family doc). AND, in one of the better pieces of characterization on TV, Bright actually becomes an interesting multi-dimensional character.

Glad someone else is enjoying it! (Tell your girlfriend that you’re a one-in-ten-million guy that’d watch it with her).

And it’s fun to find the characters turn up elsewhere: “Hey, Amy Abbott’s on that Sally Fields show!” – as an aside, we have a radio host named Amy Abbott (Madison, WI). A little jolting every time anyone in the family hears her name.
And Dr. Abbott was a bad guy on … Cold Case? One of those interchangable cop shows… We knew he was secretly a murderer…
And Madison(?) is Chuck’s sister on … Chuck!

But where’s the actor that played Ephram? He had chops.

I’ve already heard it. She was flipping through and watched Roseanne and the doctor on the show was Dr. Abbott.
She’s the kind of person that when she starts with a series/movie/book, she has to do it obsessively until it gets done. I, on the other hand, am content to watch a show a night/week. I’m sure it drives her bonkers, but she doesn’t say anything about it.

Bright’s on “Parks and Recreation”.
Dr. Abbott’s HIV+ sister is on Desperate Housewives.

OK, so I have to watch “Parks and Recreation” now.
But I’m not sure that anything can get me to start (re)watching “Desperately Shallow Housewives”.

I didn’t even realize that season 2 was out on DVD.

But then, I managed to record most of seasons 2 up to halfway through 4 when ‘Vision TV’ up here was showing it in syndication. It looks like the only extra features are some deleted scenes - are they any good?

And it doesn’t look like Gregory Smith (Ephram) has been working that much, though he might have a series ready to start next year with Missy Peregrym, so says IMDB. I can’t believe it was back in 2003 that he was in the ‘A wrinkle in time’ movie - I thought he was really good in that.