Everybody relax. We are now at Code Yellow. Whew!

I’ve put the plastic and duct tape away in an easily accessible place, instead of sitting at the ready on my windowsill. I’ve stopped wearing my flak jacket on the 4 train. I only report every other “suspicious” individual to Homeland Headquaters.

The cynic in me thinks the alert was lowered so that it can be raised again when unemployment rates come out.
Or maybe they’re saving it up for the next stinking snow storm which is supposedly on its way here. Why can’t we nuke the snow?

But I just finished mummifying myself in plastic and duct tape! Now I gotta unwrap it all? Fuck that, I’ll just sit tight until the next orange alert.

You know what this means, right?

Tomorrow they attack.


Quit that, goddamit. If you make me crap my pants, I’m whapping you upside the head with my bag of duct tape.

In New York City, we’re still on Orange Alert and have been since they started the whole system.

Ha ha! </Nelson>

Waitaminnit…that’s not a good thing…

Hey, I’m in New York City!


Blast, they lower the alert just as I was getting up the energy to run around yelling


PLUS I LIKE ORANGE BETTER THAN YELLOW oops sorry didn’t mean to continue still yelling but really don’t look good in either. Why can’t they have a purple day. I look great in that color.

deb–the alert fashion police–2world

Nooooo! I only just finally found orange duct tape so I’d be properly colour coordinated, and now they change the alert level???

Nuts. Hawaii has been blue throughout the whole thing and I had just finished preparing for us being the last state in the union. Oh well, I’ll call that Plan B.

That means it’s ok to go pee now, right?

Hey, CelticCowboy


[sub]I hate you.[/sub]

Well, I hope someone somewhere picks up news on the radar that an attack might happen sometime, somewhere, very soon.

Yellow clashes with these shoes.

Just be sure to know what all those new signs mean. :slight_smile:

No crapping until we go to Code Brown!

Biggirl, we’re in NY. We’re still Orange.


Must be, this guy is doing it during an orange alert (scroll down a little ways in link).

Or perhaps a fushia for those of us in the midwest who need a bit of color in Feb.?

I tell you, these men have no idea.

Gee, the “alert level” gets dropped right after the announcement that the government’s spending plan for the year doesn’t include enough money to protect against terrorist attacks on American soil.

How convenient.