Everybody welcome my buddy kumaraka...

… who, after hearing about how awesome this board and its members are, and finally seeing Dopers in action last Friday (he accompanied me and mrblue92 to a show on Friday), apparently started posting like a mad banshee and neglected to tell me.

So, welcome, and please be gentle, Dopers.

I caught his first thread earlier this morning and you will be happy to know I gave him a warm hello. Another E.L. Doper is always a good thing.:slight_smile:

Wait… didn’t you warn him to lurk first? Dopers? Gentle?

Oh the humanity!

You’ve got to ease the poor boy into it, tsarina… get him hooked on the columns and show him around GD and the pit so he doesn’t get his fool head bit off. Give him over to threadspotting and Weird Earl for a month or two to get a sense of the history of the boards. Show him who JDT and Wildest Bill are so he’s not totally clueless when someone tells him to go Tug-Ahoy or to lay off the Mexican Fat Burners…

I mean, the very fact he thinks I’m some sort of “celebrity” ought to clue you in that he’s got a few delusions he needs to be nursed off of. :slight_smile:

eyes glazed over, dumb smile

looks around in wonderment


I’ll take it slow, Mr. Blue. Wouldn’t want to embarrass the two of you!