Everyone quit paying attention to Jack Batty

I mean, really … enough is enough.

Snooooopy this is wrong, you can’t do this. Give Jack the spotlight and take it away five minutes later? It’s like showing a child a puppy and then saying “Nope, we’re putting it to sleep.”

I don’t think so, Snoooop. I am not going to quit paying attention to Jack Batty. In fact, the very idea of not paying Jack his dues has incensed me. [Gladiator mode]I shall my vengenance, in this thread or the next.[/Gladiator mode]

Damn skippy.

Sorry, I wasn’t paying any attentin to him in the first place.

You shall your vengeance? Where, by chance, are you going to shall it? What are the laws pertaining to shalling vengeance? Do you have the proper waivers signed?

Who’s Jack Batty? :smiley:

[Dr. Seuss mode]I shall shall it here.
I shall shall it there.

I shall shall it in a box.
I shall shall it with lox.

I shall shall it with a fox.
I shall shall it with Courtney Cox.

I shall shall it for a sexual favor.
I shall shall it with and without a waiver.

I shall-[/Dr. Seuss mode] Oh wait. This is about Jack Batty, not me…

I promised him a lapdance. Can’t I do that still??


Who’s Jack Batty?!? :wink:

Jesus, Snooooopy, you’re vicious when you’re sexually satisfied. That’s the last time I play Cupid for you.

God knows I’ve tried to stop paying attention to Jack but it has become a sort of addiction even though I know no good will come of it. It’s like I’ve got the barrel of the gun in my mouth and I like the taste of the metal.

(my apologies to Robert Downey Jr.)

Dang it! I’ve already paid attention to Jack Batty. If everybody’s gonna quit doing it, can I get a refund?

I paid attention to Jack Batty, but he’s jealous because my muscles are bigger than his. (That’s why he’s got his arm in front of mine!)

Is everybody not paying attention to Jack Batty? I can’t hear you guys not paying attention! I am very cross!