Everyone pay attention to Jack Batty

Why? Just because.

Because he’s sexy? I think he is. hi Jack! ::waves:: I think you’re just great. Now can I put my clothes back on, Snoooopy? Please?

[Hi Jack!]Hello Mr. Batty[/Hi Jack!]

Batty, there you go being an attention whore again. How’d you access Snooooopy’s password to post this?

“Jack Batty”? Who’s that? :confused:

Just kidding. Jack Batty’s great fun!:wink:
::blows kiss::

Snooooop, yer the best.
I swear woody, this was all Snooooopy’s doing, I had nothing to do with it.
[sub]Snooooopy, when I count to three you will no longer think you are a chicken. Instead you will sign that power of attorney form[/sub]

Hi-ho everybody.

:: kicking back and basking in attention ::

However as mentioned at least once before, I am not, I repeat not, and attention whore. I have recieved no money for my shameless begging for attention, so I’ll thank you to refer to me as Attention Slut.

Thank you, let the mindless adulation continue.

Zoggie, you took your clothes off just for me?? Gosh. [sub]Gotta a pic link ;)[/sub]

Good morning Mister Batty:

Recent technological developments by
one of the superpowers have allowed for
previously unknown levels of interaction
between otherwise unfamiliar parties.

Field reports now indicate that almost
limitless amounts of attention are
available through this new technology.

Your mission, should you choose to
accept it, is to suck up as much of
this attention as possible in the most
slut-like fashion imaginable.

As always, should you or any of your
associates be caught or smothered, the
secretary will disavow any knowledge
of your actions.

[Cue MI Theme Music]

Again? But didn’t we just pay attention to him last week?

sigh Ok, if you insist… but only cuz he says “waay oont waa” in that crazy Maine way.

God Damn… you really are an attention whore aren’t you.

Why, what’s he done for me lately?

::sticks fingers in ears and hums::

Zenster - come to think of it, you do look a little like Peter Graves.

Rasa - if I don’t get my attention fix at least once a week, I turn awfully crabby.

oldscratch- at least I’m up front about it.

magdalene - what do you want me to do for you?

Hmmmmm…what should I have you do for me?

Rasa? oldscratch? Zenster (funny post, btw)? Help me think of something Mr. Batty can do in return for my attention.

Jack, were you a bedwetter by any chance? An “even negative attention is better than none” child? :smiley:

Was I? Hell, I still do.

magdalene, sounds like he could use some plastic sheets…

Rasa, right now I’m picturing Jack in some Huggies Pull-ups[sup]TM[/sup] - “Mommy, wow! I’m a big kid now!”

Mag, send the boy some latex pajamas.

HAHAHAHAHA! Now I’m gonna see him at the SuperBowl party at Sue’s and picture him in diapers. Thanks a LOT, magda!

Oh, sorry, I forgot–this thread is all about Jack. :wink:

Hi Jack Batty, hi hi hi hi hi hi hi!


Hi hi hi hi hi hi.

(sorry, don’t know how to “virtually” pay attention to someone. Hope this works. It’s the thought that counts!)

Pay attention to Jack Batty? Well, okay.

sits down and stares unblinkingly at Jack Batty

Is that some kind of code for condoms? Because, Zenster, he’s a married man.

Besides, this is about what Jack Batty can do for me in order to earn my attention (if not respect). I send him nothing.