The Long Lost Jack Batty

Yeah, I’ve been pretty scarce around these parts for a while now. I thought I’d pop in and give my fellow dopers a clue as to my where-and-why-abouts. But don’t construe this as a pity thread. It’s not. It’s actually a thank you thread.

You see, things haven’t been going too swell lately. The dopers I know personally have really propped me up and I want to publicly thank them.

Here are the sordid story.
First of all, as some of you know, I’ve been out of work since Christmas, which has truly sucked. But the really difficult thing going on is something else entirely.
Mrs. Batty and I are going through some hard times. I’ve got my stress, with work and money and a few other familial matters. She has her own stress with her job, her schooling and her own familial matters. The combined stresses make life extremely hard. So, we’ve decided to take some time apart. It’s very much a mutual decision. And this isn’t the beginning of the end, so that’s why I’m not seeking pity. We both are looking forward to getting our individual poop together so we can hook back up later and live our lives. But in the mean time we are both looking for separate places to live.

Ok, enough of that.
First I want to thank woodstockbirdybird for being a really good friend. He let me bend his ear for a couple of hours and gave me some really good perspective on life. He’s been a true friend and I can’t thank him enough.
Second, thanks to oldscratch and Rasa. They drove all the way up from San Jose just to hang out with me. oldie even bought me a couple of beers. And Rasa steered me towards some temporary housing.
Which ties into - Third, thanks to zyzzyva for offering me his couch (if you read this - check your email).

The good news is it looks like I shall soon be gainfully employed with a prestigious non-profit outfit here in the city. It will be good work and good pay and I’m really looking forward to starting.

The only outstanding matter left is my poor little Daisy-Dog. So far, she has no place to live. Both Mrs. Batty and I are actively searching for a housing situation that will allow for dogs, but so far we are both in temporary land. There is absolutely no friggin’ way I’m giving my dog up to the pound, so I have to find some place for her, at least temporarily (hint-hint: if anyone nearby can help, I’d lick your boots).

So that’s it. That’s why I’ve been MIA. I just haven’t been in that wacky Battyish posting mood I usually am. But I’m not down in the dumps. I’m optimistic about life, and I feel like making an online comeback. Watch for it in a MPSIMS thread near you (show times may vary).

Thank you for reading (if you actually managed to make it all the way through this) and carry on.

And for those new posters who may have just registered and don’t know who in the wide wide world of sports I am . . . stop looking at me funny. Ask around, I’m actually an ok guy.

Good luck to ya!! Sounds like you’ve got a great attitude despite everything… I can’t offer doggie help, since I’m on the other coast and I’ve already got 2 beasties, but I’ll send a good vibe or two in your direction! I enjoyed your posts in the past and I await your triumphant return!


Good to see ya back. Missed ya.

Best wishes on getting stuff organized.


Good luck and smooches Batman. We here on the other coast are sending the good vibes. Well, me and Fairy are for sure.

Eh, ain’t no thang, Jack. Just returning the favor that’s been done for me. I wouldn’t be here in CA if it wasn’t for Crack’d Off letting me stay here as long as I have.

If you crash with zyzz for a bit, I’m sure I’ll be seeing ya!

Keep your head up, my friend.

Get a hold of me Jack. You may be able to plant Daisy here for a short spell. Let’s talk.

Glad that everything hasn’t gone to H-E-Double Toothpicks.

Check you email. I may be able to help with the DaisyDog.


Hey Jack. Welcome back.

The board has just gone to hell without your manly presence. Please don’t leave us alone for so long again.

Still lusting from afar,

Do I need to start a “Pay Some More Attention To Jack Batty” thread? I can.

For the love of Buddha, no. I’m trying to keep a low profile here Snooooop. You wouldn’t want to frighten the newbies, would ya?

But you could start a Find Jack Batty a Roommate thread if you want to.

Glad to hear from you, Jack- let us know if you could use a couple of more beers.

I just got off the phone with my New Employer!!

Yes, ol’ Jack shall now be receiving a paycheck again. And it will be the biggest regular paycheck I’ve ever received.
You are now talking to the newest Database/Donor Services Assistant at the Jewish Community Federation in San Francisco (as of next Tuesday, anyway).

Whoopee!! I’m so happy I could plotz!

Jack, I’ve been following your life seriously the past few. Other than the SO issue, we’ve been leading parallel lives. Outta work, need to find a place to live with dawg, blah, blah. Glad to know that your luck is turning around and Happy Employment! Now that you don’t need that good luck vibe anymore, think I could have it for a bit? Other than a couple of shoots, I’m still stuck in “what will I do/where will I go/how many more days can I live on air” land.

Congrats again, Jack. I wish you and your wife both the best.

Jack! It’s so good to hear from you. I’m sorry to hear about the stuff with Mrs. B. I hope it all works out well.

Congrats on the job! I’ve now been unemployed for two weeks and I know how much the unexpected job search sucks.

If you’re still working on a home for the pooch, shoot me an email. I have some friends who live in the Oakland hills who are currently dogless, but have been considering getting one and have been known to take in temporaries in the past.

Jack Batty,

You don’t know me from Jack (sorry, couldn’t resist) but I want to offer you my best wishes that things work out for you and Mrs. Batty.

Prayers and positive thoughts coming your way!


Does this mean you get to help hack livers and kidneys and whatnot out of people who are going to be organ donors? That sounds really cool.

No. Actually I’ll be in charge of the machine that goes “BING!”

I have no idea if you know who the hell I am, but I know you… I’ve actually been stalking you for years now and you don’t even know it. BWAAAAHAHAHA ::insert evil grin here::

All kidding aside, congrats on your new job. If I were anywhere near SF, I’d offer Daisy-Dog long daily walks, her own cushion on the sofa and the biggest friggin chewing bone I could find. All my best to you and Mrs. Batty too, I’m sure you’ll work it out.

Hey Jack, great to hear from you. Too bad things were prettymuch too fluid for you to meet me, zyzz, rasa and oldie on the 17th (well, the rain curtailed a lot of crap). Great to know things between you and Mrs.Batty are being worked out. She’s quite the lady, and it’s always a pleasure to see her at bashes 'n stuff (the two times i’ve seen her at one ;)). My ear is doing fine. Next time i see you you can take a personal look at it. I’d offer to hang out with you more if i lived in the bay area. As it is i dont see everyone too much, so you are pretty lucky youre close enough to all the BADs that you can fairly easily get together with them.

And, congrats on the job! Now you can do all sorts of fun things, and buy shiny new toys! I myself just recently got a job, so i too will have shiny new things to play with ;).

Which reminds me…we need another BAD dopefest ;).

That’s why I love this friggin’ board. No one judges they just offer their support (well for the most part). Everybody here is the greatest [sub]I promised myself I wouldn’t cry[/sub]

FairyChatMom: Thanks for the good vibes; every little bit helps.

jeyen: Ditto. Great to be back.

Biggirl: I knew I could count on you for a good thought. [sub]you probably don’t know this, but you’re one of my favorite posters[/sub]

Rasa:Re-thanks for everything. Rest assured, my head is squarely in the up position.

Zenster: Big gigantic thanks for offering a solution for my homeless little pooch. I’ll see you later today. You da man!

dragonlady: Thank you too, for the offer to put Daisy-Dog up. Your email makes it sound like a great place for her to hang. Alas, I don’t think I could stand being that far away from my baby.

TheMermaid: My manly presence is here for all to enjoy. But don’t lust after me too hard. I’m still in love with my wife, ya know.

Snooooopy: You’re a nut.

SeaDiver: I could always use a couple more beers.

Nymysys: Where do you live?? San Fran? No? Move here;we can be roommates!

slackergirl: What a pisser about your job. If it’s any consolation - if I can get a job, anyone can. Good luck.

Scotticher: Thanks for the positive thought. That’s very cool of you.

Soda: Very cool of you as well. I can never have enough stalkers. [sub]Zoggie was doing a pretty good job, but I seem to have fallen out of her graces[/sub]

Doobieous: Yeah, what a bitch (about missing you guys on your stabbing day). That was my bad all the way around. If I hadn’t crashed out, I would have been right there for you. Ah well, I’m with you on a new Dope-Fest. Jeez, it’s been since the end of January since I’ve been to one - withdrawls!!

Sorry about the rambling thank you’s/sucking up, but I felt it was warranted.

Whew! Ok, where was I? Maybe time for a few more random Hamburger Helper references.