Everyone welcome my uncle!

Everyone welcome my uncle, Starving Artist to the boards! It took some time, but I finally corrupted him enough! :smiley:


Be welcome. Enjoy your stay.

Welcome to the SDMB, Starving Artist. Egad! Another cool name! :slight_smile:

Hello, everyone. Thanks for welcoming me. :slight_smile:

makes Starving Artist a sandwhich

You should leave now before the addiction gets you.

Er I mean welcome aboard.

Having initially been deluded into thinking I could just visit here by daughter whiterabbit and only then discovering that it doesn’t work that way, I’ll be the first to assure you that now that you’re here, you won’t be leaving any time soon! The hamsters now own your soul!

Other than that, welcome. :smiley:

The tiger has whelped a rabbit? That must be SOOOO embarrassing!

Oh, and welcome to Starving Artist. [sub]Leave now while you still can![/sub]

Welcome Starving Artist.

Have lots of fun reading here and getting to know people. Some of the best people I know are dopers.

These welcome threads are just a chance to

pad your post count.

Oh great. WELCOME.