"Everyone who still works here, raise your hand..."

Where is this line from?

Is it a variant of the following joke?

"When Private Smith was in basic, his wife died, and it was up to the drill sergeant to break the news. So, he lined up all the recruits, and said, “Listen up! I want everyone who’s married to take one step forward! Not so fast, Smith!”


I can’t remember exactly. I can see it in an office setting.

Maybe a Burger King commercial?

It’s really killing me. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Ah, yeah, there was a Burger King commercial a while back in an office where the boss tells everyone that he’s going to fire one person. One guy asks him how he’ll decide. The boss says, “I’m thinking of a number between one and ten. What number are you thinking of?” The guy answers whatever number it is, and the boss goes, “you’re fired.”

I don’t remember how burgers figured into it, though.

Maybe this is the ad you’re thinking of? I don’t remember if at the end of this one the boss asks everyone who workes there to raise his hand, but if not, it’s definitely an ad in the same campaign.

They did a take on this joke in the South Park episode “Quintuplets 2000.”

“Okay, everybody whose mother didn’t just die, raise your hands. …Not so fast, girls.”

Reminds me of a line in the Aaron Sorkin sitcom Sports Night, used when Steve, an incredibly unprofessional replacement for Dan, keeps referring to his girlfriend on air. Casey finally throws to a commercial and says: “You’re watching Sports Night on CSC, and would those of you sticking around after the commercial break please step forward? Not so fast Steve…”

My earliest recollection of something like this goes back to my childhood where the story was told of an army drill sergeant who was given the task of informing Pvt. Jones that his father had died.

The sgt. calls out the entire platoon and while they are standing at attention he announces, “Private Jones, your father is dead.” Sergeant is then chewed out thoroughly by the captain for breaking the news in such an insensitive manner.

Next week the news comes that Pvt. Jones’ mother has died. The sergeant calls the platoon to attention and says, “All men whose mother is still living take one step forward…Not so fast, Jones.”

This was at least 40 years ago, so the punchline has been around in one form or another for a long time.

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The Drew Carey Show?