Evidence is irrelevant to mister nyxx

There is another thread about a rather offensive mailing done by a Democratic (leaning) organization called the Greater Wisconsin Political Fund. It is an attempt to shame voters into getting out and voting against Scott Walker in Tuesday’s recall election. It lists your name and 12 of your neighbors and tells you all who voted (or didn’t) in the last two elections, and promises to provide the same information about who doesn’t show up to vote on Tuesday.

There is no doubt about the source or the affiliations of the organizations responsible for this mailing. The name was on the mailing, there are stories all over the media about the mailing, and the organization is not denying sending it out. I provided a link to a local news story about political spending in Wisconsin. It has a section about the Greater Wisconsin Committee, which has received millions of dollars in funding from the Democratic Governor’s Association, the Democratic Attorney Generals Association, and several corporations and labor unions. The Greater Wisconsin Committee’s website explicitly acknowledges a connection between it and the Political Fund, and the two organizations share the same email address for public contact.

mr nyxx, however, doubts they are real Democrats, even though I had already posted the links above.

Another poster noted the many of the names of supporters of the Committee are trial lawyers, another well known group of Democratic supporters in Wisconsin.

mr nyxx agrees that the Political Fund did the mailing, but still suspects they are Republicans in disguise.

After I repeat that these organizations are known, it’s not enough for mr nyxx. First, he admits he knows absolutely nothing about the organizations, and then asks for information about them which I’ve already provided.

Then says:

Then, after I again refer him (rudely, I’ll admit) to my links, he posts

The bolding and underlining is mine.

Then I posted the quote from the Isthmus referencing the Committee’s funding from mainstream Democratic organizations, and asked him (rudely, I’ll admit) to STFU unless he had any information to the contrary, he posts:

The bolding and underlining is again mine.

WTF does this guy need? I think many of you know that I’m a flaming liberal, not someone trying to drag the Democrats through the mud on any pretext. But sometimes they get some mud on themselves, and they deserve some shit for this.

And mr nyxx is a deliberately obtuse dick.

I’m not sure it’s deliberate.

The thread you’re ranting about is already in the pit and the stuff you’re ranting about is not a hijack to that topic, it’s on topic. Is there are reason you couldn’t just continue this pissing match between the two of you right where it belongs: in that thread?

Yes, because I am pissed off, and I think mr nyxx deserves special attention and scorn.

It’s good from my point of view because I’m interested in seeing nyxx get what’s coming to him but not interested in that thread.

You are not a good speller, and this is not a good thread.

When I asked, quite reasonably, for more evidence, I think I did so in a polite manner. I certainly wasn’t trying to pick a fight and I think a look at my first posts at that thread would confirm that to most people.

I am sorry about your insecurities but I stand by my posts. Your evidence was poor, and your overreaction was pretty pathetic.

ETA: I hope people wanting to evaluate this argument will examine the original posts rather than the truncated version that our friend Jim has posted here.

For being a deliberately obtuse dick? You could give special attention and scorn to one Doper a week and not get to nyxx until Columbus Day.
Columbus Day, 2014…

To be honest, I think this is still a little unfair. I feel like I was both polite and definitely open to information – and that’s what I was actually looking for. My failure to respond to his posts wasn’t in any way “obtuse” or “dick”-ish, it was because his posts were stupid. It seems unfair that I would be the subject of scorn because I failed to be fleeced by stupidity.

Well, if I can be honest… I haven’t read the other thread or even closely scanned the OP of this one. I’m just being a smartass.

Um, after reading that, I’d be more inclined to believe you were on ignore. Not that I’ve checked the other thread yet. But it doesn’t sound like in your OP that he ever directly responds to you.

And now that I have read them, I see I was wrong. And my response is WTF. AT you. You were the first person who brought up the idea that they were a shadowy organization that you didn’t know about:

You just got through admitting that you didn’t think these people were what they seemed. If anything, I thought you’d be agreeing with mister nyx. What the fuck?

Anyone else bothered by requests for a cite in the pit? I’d like to see a mod say, “if you are going to request a cite, take it to Great Debates, fucker!”

I have no idea why people think cites aren’t allowed in the pit. People are expected to, you know, offer evidence to support their claims in any forum.

Got a cite for that, motherfucker?:dubious:


Well played, sir.

I hate to bump this thread, but I didn’t want to start a new one.

I just want to say that mister nyx is a fucking whiner and the whining is tiresome. Dude, if you don’t like it here, just leave and don’t let the door hit you on the ass on the way out. Or stop the whining. Your call.

Ayup. That’s my impression as well. (Also, I tried to have a nice clean thread with a DNFTT theme we could direct future racists to, and he decided to shit it all up. Jerk.)

Damn right. I just read his whiney bitchcakes routine in ATMB, moaning that the mods didn’t ban somebody quick enough for his liking. What an utter pillock.

The mods followed the usual procedure and then banned the guy anyway, but because mister nyx felt personally offended by New Deal Democrat he feels that;

He sounds like the kind of pompus fuckwit who demands a waitress be sacked if she spilt water at his table.

He appears to be in the early stages of suicide-by-mod.

Tell him to hurry it the fuck up.