Evidence is irrelevant to mister nyxx


I noticed what a gigantic dick this guy is a few days ago. It was in a thread that hasn’t even been mentioned in this pitting. I suspect there are several more.

Yeah. It’s funny watching him bitch and moan in the ATMB thread concerning NDD. If I had to predict, I’d say he’s on the quick road to being banned himself. He should be glad the mods move slowly on those decisions.

I had a great time with him recently in Great Debates where, because he disagreed with me, he claimed that everyone else could see what a dishonest debater I was who was refusing to respond to his brilliant points because they scared me. Good times.

Agreed. Perhaps he’s a rapist.


Dude called Miller dumb. Proves he can’t tell his ass from his face.

Boyo, I know you don’t always pit nyx— but when you do, he prefers un equis.

He can be pretty damn rude. I put my full blown ignorance on display of how our national budget works in relation to UHC in another Pit thread a couple days ago and he rightly called me on it. But after I retreated, retracted, acknowledged my ignorance and asked for some clarifications, he just kept on in full blown dick mode.


We need to deduct 8 points from his score.
(If anyone gets that, I’ll be amazed)

Yup. There’s always those people you recognize up front are not long for this place. Some it’s blatantly obvious they’ll be banned within a week or a month, some like this guy, you know it’ll be longer, but still just a matter of time.

Glad you folks are catching up.

Well, let’s just say he’s not allowed to play WWF because of the little incident with the full nelson.

In a thread about the Danger of Male Homosexuality versus Female Homosexuality, there was a lot of back-and-forth about whether gay men or lesbians were more likely to be subject to hate crimes. So I sat down and did a little research and found some basic stats and provided the citations. mister nyx’s reply was to basically handwave away my stats while providing absolutely no citations of his own, not even to Wikipedia, despite me nearly pleading with him to join the conversation as a contributor and admitting my own stats could be incomplete. All I got was ducking and weaving and contorting himself in any way possible such that he wouldn’t have to back up what he was saying. He refuses to do any work and sits back and throws mud, from a position of having fuck-all for authority.

I think he’s a little too polished for being a teenager in mom’s basement, so I must conclude he’s probably in his 30’s and in mom’s basement. Whatever the case, he gives all indications of being yet another GD troll who hasn’t been banned.

I don’t think he’s a troll. I haven’t seen him espouse any opinions just to get a rise out of people.

I think he’s just lazy and stupid. He can’t be arssed to find a cite, so he just dodges, and isn’t smart enough to realize how silly this appears to others.

WWF as in the one with The Rock, or WWF as in the one with the pandas?

The one with the pandas, of course.

You shot who in the what now?

I thought they were called Ewoks?

Sounds to me exactly like a college sophomore. I don’t think he’s a troll, though; I think he’s sincere, just not used to leaving the echo chamber.

I think he’s a recreational asshole who uses being on the “correct” side of social issues as a fig leaf to make himself feel virtuous about being a jerk.

To me, he’s the kind of guy that, even if he’s on your side, you don’t want him on your side.