Evil Dead II turns 30 today. Has any movie ever been this funny AND scary?

I’ve grown used to thinking of Evil Dead II as a comedy, but the reality is that it is still pretty scary in some parts. My mind immediately goes to the blood pouring/gushing out of the wall an his hand running around while he tries to kill it, but a lot of the movie is actually a more serious horror movie.

Has any movie ever been as scary as this one while still being so funny? Army of Darkness is, to me, almost entirely comedic. I found Drag Me to Hell to be not that comedic, but maybe I was missing its point/tone entirely.

Shaun of the Dead? Maybe?

The Tremors movies, to varying degrees, mix dry comedy with horrific action.

The first one was horror with some comedy.
The second was a good mix.
The third was comedy with some horror.

Cabin in the Woods? Maybe more comedy than scary.

Dead Alive (*aka *Braindead) is right up there with Evil Dead when it comes to horror-comedy.

I am fond of Gremlins and The 'burbs as horror-comedy hybrids.

I’ve haven’t seen it yet but Get Out sounds like it’s in this category.

I don’t recall if I’ve ever seen Evil Dead II but I remember the first one scared the heck out of me and I don’t recall any humor, except that the gore was over the top and therefore unrealistic and goofy.

To me, humor and horror aren’t a good mix.

The three movies are almost all different genres. The first is straight horror. Intense, too. The second is horror and comedy, thus the point of this thread. The third is pure comedy, only pretending to be horror in any way.

The show is, to me, comedy mixed with a little horror and big time gore effects.

Yeah, Get Out had a lot of humor. Well placed as well, as it relieves a little bit of the tension to prevent it from getting unbearable at times.

Cabin in the Woods
Tucker and Dale vs Evil

are good contenders

An American Werewolf in London did a great job of mixing the two. Alternately hilarious and terrifying.
The previously mentioned Braindead is primarily comedy, as the gore is so ludicrously over-the-top it’s funny rather than horrific.
Return of the Living Dead leaned to comedy, but had scary parts. The sequels (at least the ones that I saw) tended to be pure comedy with gross-out humor.

:smack: of course, Tucker and Dale is a good one which at least initially flew under the radar.

Dead Snow/Død snø might qualify. I haven’t seen the second one, but it sounds like it’s more comedy.