Evil Dead v. Evil Dead 2

I finally saw the cult classic Evil Dead last night. Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn is in my Netflix queue. But is there any point to actually seeing that movie? Other than an academic interest in seeing how to remake a film when you get a larger budget?

2 is funnier.

Um…yes. Because it’s* Bruce Campbell*. Duh.


Evil Dead 2 is barely a remake. It’s not even in the same genre. ED was a low-budget horror. ED2 is a slapstick comedy, and as such it’s brilliant.

ED2 just happens to have most of teh plot of ED as its first act.

I love both. In fact, this may make me a heretic, but I like ED2 better then Army of Darkness.

ED is a great horror movie, ED2 is a funny comedy-horror. Both are worth watching.

Army of Darkness is slapstick comedy. Evil Dead 2 is about as good a mix of horror and comedy as you’re going to find. You need to see both.

Does Ash tie a chainsaw to the stump of his severed hand and wied a sawn off shotty in the other in Evil Dead 1?

There’s your answer right there!

Evil Dead 1 isn’t as groovy.

Evil Dead 2 is almost a parody of Evil Dead 1. While there are plenty of plot and event similarities, ED2 is aware, in a way ED was not, of the goofiness of the situations. This may not seem all that edgy given today’s irony-prone horror movies, but when ED2 did it, it was pretty fresh and new. Great flick. ED1 is boring.

And he doesn’t dance with the lamp in ED 1 either.

But ED1 does have tree rape.