EWTGDAICSTFO! (Enough with the God damn abbreviations I can't seem to figure out!)

Dammit! Some of you are trying, and succeding in making me feel even stupider!

IBRAT* and come across a string of letters meant to abbreviatie something, and Damned if I can figure it out! Okay, I got the “in real life” one and the one about results varying for different people, but now and then I’ll see OTJDMAS**!

HOABFAM*** and just type the damn thig out! You want me to get FSAE**** from your post, don’t you? INGABOSE*****, so don’t assume I can figure out what your trying to say.

TIATY****** :smiley:

*I’ll be reading a thread
**One that just doesn’t make any sense
***Help out a brother from another mother
****Full satisfaction and enjoyment
*****I’m not good at Boggle or Scrabble either
******That is all, Thank you

She told me she loved me like a brother. She was from Arkansas, hence the Joy!



IANAA*, but aren’t you over-reacting a bit?

*I Am Not An Abbreviator


[sub]I can’t believe I just typed that. For what it’s worth (and I fought not to type FWIW) I completely agree. And it makes my reading stumble and pause while I figure it out.[/sub]

|)00|)z, %05 4r3 0 n0t #33t, 1t' n0t f5nn%. 4## th3$3 4bbr3v14t10n$ 4r3 $0 t3h 5xx0r. H4xx0r #0rP$ r5#3 th3 34rth #0# 0MG. %05 g5%$ 4r3 t3h 5xx0r.





Okay, so LOL is Laughing Out Loud. Fine. Sometimes I see LOLOL. What the hell is that? Laughing Out Loud Out Loud?


*Ta-Ta For Now


*What is really annoying is how people use abbreviations but then write the full thing out

Ok, what’s MILF stand for? I hear it used regarding to older women that somebody finds attractive and would like to have sex with. I’m guessing that F stands for Fucking, but what’s the rest of it?

It’s the nerds’ way of trying to get back at us for picking on them in high school. The good news is, if someone uses stupid acronyms, and you can’t figure out what they’re saying, it most likely wasn’t worth reading anyway.

BTW, do I get a prize for being the first one to resist using acronyms in my post?


MILF - Mom I’d like to fuck.


MILF = “Mothers I’d Like to F***”

Don’t ask me how I know this. :wink:

I do believe it was popularized on that comedy classic American Pie - which had the potential to be a great trilogy, except the last one suuuuuuuuuuuucked.

I don’t mind long abbreviations as long as they are explained, but if you have to take the time, space, and keystrokes to explain them, why bother to abbreviate? Exceptions are made for abbreviations used more than once in a post.

On preview (I must be slow):

Word, 7 up yours

Fuck. The F*** is Fuck.

That was snarky of me, Dragwyr. My apologies.