EWTGDAICSTFO! (Enough with the God damn abbreviations I can't seem to figure out!)

I decline both offers to “know” the woman that gave birth to me and also to perform fellatio on you!

or is it “Follow your Mantra! Assemble some Mad Disco!”?


Gato, the second Acro was correct, but the first: sorry, too, late but the knowledge is already implied in the statement!!!1!!111

For it stands for “Fsck Y’all Mother****ers” (thanks, Fear of a Black Hat)


It only takes a 5 second google search to figure them out. What’s the problem?

Yeah, RTFM.

Is there a specific thread that spawned this?

Dude, you’re so L7

Ellis, it disrupts the continuity of reading a post if the acronym is irregular or odd. Most of them are self-explanatory, but it can throw off the meaning of a post if the reader doesn’t know. Besides, it only takes five seconds to type the words out.

Shouldn’t this be in MPSIMS?

Fuck no. First word of the OP was dammit, and the title included damn. While the topic is certainly mundane, it’s delivered Pit style, with a crunchy crust, rather than pointless stuff style, with a two hugs and three flirts.


Damn. D’oh. PEBKAC.

Just to keep this here, let me add a couple fucks and shits…

Today I read an add on the wall in a store and I actually said “LOL” to myself. I didn’t actually laugh or think “thats clever” or “that was kinda funny”. I just thought “l o l”.

I wanted to punch myself in the face…

I have heard people actually say “lol” out loud.

Then again these are the same folks who ask me where the “Black and white ink cartilage for my computer” is…


I suppose, if you happened to have black paper…:slight_smile:

Link for the abbreviation challenged:


The first meaning, of the acronym you enter, is the main one; the alternative readings are funny on some acronyms.

On a lark, I entered “ACRONYM”

There are two serious meanings!:

“Academy’s Choice Reading, One Newspaper for You and Me (Newspaper of IMSA)”

“American Committee Research on New York Mayors”

And the comedy ones:

“American Committee Really Out To Numb Your Mind :-)”

“Annoyingly Cryptic References of Names You Make :)”

But what good would “cartilage” do?



Gives a whole new meaning to hole-punching paper.

I occasionally think ‘lol’ - to me it means ‘I thought this was witty and deserved praise, but unfortunately didn’t actually make me laugh.’

I wanted to get a license plate that read: WTF WJD but I’m afraid that nobody who would think it was funny would get it. But the WWJD crowd would catch RIGHT onto it and burn me at the stake.