ex-b/f did Herion

ok, my first b/f (Jason) was a hardcore druggie before I went out with him. When he got to know me better he found out that I was REALLY against drugs and stuff like that, so he said he would quit for me.
We were going out for like a month and he tells me that he wants to be his “old self” again. So basically he choses the drugs over me and now hes going out with one of my best friends (which I think is pretty messed up), and she told me all this stuff that he said to her and I told her that all the stuff he was saying to her (like, you are my only love, and we are meant to be together…it just feels so right) was the same exact stuff he said to me and how much of a lier he is/was. Then she tells me that she told him that I told her that he said all the same things to me and he says something like “Oh, I thought Samara was my one but she turned out to be just a phony.” I am so mad that he said that because hes the f**king phony! HE IS/WAS SUCH A LIER. I just want to forget about him but its hard when my friend is always around him and talking about him and carrying around the crap he gives her.
Anyway, I was really upset about this so I felt like sharing it.

“That’s the most dangerous thing of all, worrying about what people will think.” ~Mike Patton~

You said

Well, maybe the “herion” just made him lazy.

Well, shut my mouth. It’s also illegal to put squirrels down your pants for the purposes of gambling.

Is there a question here? Or shall we assume that the lying junkie was also a general officer?

Who’s Herion?

And as a notice to you MikePatton

This isn’t exactly a board devote to the lovelorn, nor is this evne remotely the right place to psot something like this. Learn what the board is about, work on being coherent in typing and at least decent with grammar and spelling, lurk for a while, and then feel free to join in the SDMB fun. Otherwise, you are going to watch everything you post go down in flames, kinda where this thread is headed.

Either that or get some asbestos shorts, because your butt is gonna get pretty warm in here.

Jeez Im sorry, Im upset about something and I just wanted to share it…I didnt think I was gonna get made fun of.
P.S.Oh yeah, oops, I made a spelling mistake…the worlds gonna end now!

“That’s the most dangerous thing of all, worrying about what people will think.” ~Mike Patton~

Do you know the poster SadKornyGuy?


This is not the place for this. Try MPSIMS. It’s a different forum on this same site. This section is General Questions, where people ask questions of a scientific/factual nature and hope for answers.



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yanno what? fuck this

“That’s the most dangerous thing of all, worrying about what people will think.” ~Mike Patton~

ONE LAST THING, YEAH, I KNOW SADKORNGUY, hes my cousin/best friend. Im serious.

“That’s the most dangerous thing of all, worrying about what people will think.” ~Mike Patton~

And the winner for all-time shortest fuse on a message board goes to…

And here I thought “ex-b/f did Herion” was some secret code you guys were going to let me in on.

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Why are you so upset? Look, you chose the wrong forum for your post. So did SadKornyGuy. These aren’t NECESSARILY bad posts (tho SKG’s was so poorly spelled it was almost impossible to understand) but they don’t belong in General Questions. At the bottom of the page where you are reading this is a little box that says “Hop to:” If you change “Select a Forum or Archive” to “MPSIMS” and click “Go,” it will take you to the appropriate place.



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Well, that was fun. WTF?

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(clicks stopwatch)

Wow, a new record! We had that one running away after only nine minutes!


I see that being anti-drug causes brain damage, too.

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And that goes for BOTH of them! </font>

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Jeez. I didn’t used to think that we should administer tests before we allow members to join, but I’m starting to change my mind.

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They all sound like they are on Dope.This is the Straight Dope, so I suppose.

Could someone summarize his post? It kinda confuses me. Let’s see, some guy who used to shoot [not snort heroin] was going out with a guy but now the heroin shooter is going out with the guys woman friend? Hope everyone got their tests.

I was in that play with some dope named Jason. The heroine shot him. But he went with this girl who was my friend who is always going, like, he said you said he said she said this and that and you know? Now I’m my own grandpa.