Ex-Republican strategist: Republican Party conservatism was always a lie

He didn’t. The question is, now that you’ve failed utterly to make your case, and everyone in this thread knows it, how are you going to proceed.

What part of sexual assault do you not understand?

My understanding is far from comprehensive. It’s just far better than yours.

Anyway, feel free to fart out some replies. I’m away for a bit.

You don’t have to rely on my understanding. I’ve provided links to what sexual assault is and how it is defined by credible sources. Scroll up.


This thread has gone very much off the rails. Let’s get back on track instead of inflammatory hijacks about Biden.

In theory. In practice, if you found this out tomorrow, might I suggest that the need to feed your family and pay the bills might cause you to push back on the EMH. People can become very stubborn when losing their home is at stake.

It is the tried and true political tactic of "look at your candidates weakest points and immediately accuse your opponent of these same flaws. It does not matter if your accusations are complete bullshit - the point is to accuse him of the same thing, so you can cry “both sides! Both sides!”

Sure, I’d be pissed. But sticking my head in the sand wouldn’t do me any good.