Exam season

Exam season is upon us. Well, upon me, anyway. I have one at 9 this morning, one on Wednesday, one next Tuesday and two next Thursday. UGH!

I know I’m not the only student around here - how are the rest of you holding up?

I’m a little more concerned about essay season right now. I have a paper due today, which I’m currently working on–for some reason this semester I got into a habit of badly procrastinating, which I hate myself for. I had an exam Thursday morning (which I think I did alright on, though I botched the vocabularly section somewhat), and two of my other classes don’t have final exams, so I have two left, on the 14th and 16th. So, I have over a week off after today. During which I plan to relax from the stresses of these ^&%*ing term papers.

The only thing is I don’t want to miss my one class today, because we’re having a guest speaker from…CTV I think it was. So, I’d better get writing.

Not an exam, but I’ve had an assessment this morning. To say it went badly is an understatement. It’s not even my fault. I knew there was a reason I hate working in groups…

I skipped Bio class on Friday, after turning the homework in online. I made sure to plan on being there Monday, when we would talk about our final exam for next Tuesday. Sunday night [last night] I decided to check in on my teacher’s website and lo and behold, apparently our final exam has been moved to Monday. [Today.] Due to “popular demand” her announcement said.

Thankfully the exam is not cumulative for the entire semester, but I still spent several unhappy hours slopping through the poorly written take-home test and trying to prepare for the scantron test I’ll be taking at 10 AM this morning.

So that’s my first final exam…

I’ve got one review session today, and one last class. Then I HAVE to start on my take-home exam, which is due in one week. After that I have to concentrate on outlines for the last two classes for which I have exams.

As for how I’m holding up – eh. I have no problem with exams. I’ve always tested well so I just study and do as best as I can.

What I’m really stressing about is trying to find a summer job. Law students in their second year should find a really good job, because they might be offered a job at that company after school. So I’m trying to study for exams and find a job at a firm that I would like to work at after school. Sigh. :frowning:

Any law firm in Dayton, Ohio want to hire me for the summer?

I’m holding up quite well. Then again, I’ve never been one to stress over such things… tests, exams, finals, what have you, none of it has ever really bothered me. I rarely study and usually perform in the top 10% or so, grade-wise. Yeah, I’m “one of those jerks” :smiley:

That said, I have an exam tonight, one on Wednesday, a final paper due Thursday (which the class has spent the entire semester working on-- this one paper is our entire grade), and then 3 finals next week. Woo.

I had my final presentation for one class last week, so that’s done. I have an exam tonight, and once I’m done with that I’ll be done taking Anatomy & Physiology - this is the third semester I’ve taken it, so it’s about time! Then on Thursday I’ll be giving one last speech, and that’s it for me. The last week has been very relaxed; all of the worst stuff is over.

Let’s see:

My final at 4pm today is a mock oral argument in front of the WV Supreme Court, plus the papers I have to turn in with it. For the past two days I have alternated between working on it and fleeing to the bathroom to cry.

I have an easy paper due on Wednesday, and then my Spanish and Jewish finals are Thursday and then I’m done.

I don’t care anymore. I just want out. I need a break.

If you hear loud rejoicing sometime Thursday afternoon (EST), that’s me.

In-class essay on the Modern British Novel tomorrow morning (professors who don’t reschedule exams set for 7 am should be SHOT), and long-ish essay on Lit Theory due Wednesday at 9:10 am (which of course, I haven’t started yet). I’m holding up fine, as all the other major stuff was due and completed last week. Woohoo!

Exam this morning was a DISMAL failure. Wow. That SUCKED.

Now I have to pick my poor self-esteem off the floor and study madly for the next one. Oh, how I hate this time of year.

Oddly enough, I only had two essays due this semester, and those are long gone. Don’t get me started on what I need to do for grad school applications…

Right now, I should be working on my term paper for my Methodology of History class… but I’m not…

Wednesday I have my last unit exam in Spanish. Thankfully, they decided to combine 3 of our other concluding assignments into one easy term paper, which I just turned in today. Ahh… relief.

Next week is the official exam week at my school. I’ve got one International Relations essay exam on Tuesday and a chem exam Thursday. Both of them start at 7:45 AM :eek:

And then, I go home. I want my mommy.

Let’s see. I have a research paper due tomorrow, an exam Wednesday, two more exams next Monday and a final one Tuesday; and then a long literature paper for next Thursday. I’m reasonably certain that my first college exam season is not going to be fun.

On a side note…my last class/exam is the 14th. Yet I have to come in on the 16th to hand in a paper (no class or anything). Isn’t there any way around this? My Christmas break is short enough as it is, and now I have to waste two extra days here just to turn in an assignment.

And no, I can’t hand it in early. The professor absolutely has to physically see you on the assigned day.

snorts What a crock. I hate situations like that. I know several people who only have one exam, which is set for over a week after classes are over. They are unable to leave and go home early, and are forced to wait (for nine days, in one case) to take the exam with the rest of their class, instead of just taking it and getting it over with. [Or they can leave but have to come back.] I’d personally love a week in Charleston with nothing to do, but I can see how it would be infuriating if you want to go home.

I’m stressing. I don’t test well. I have test anxiety, and once my brain goes into panic mode it shuts down and is hard to restart. I try not to worry about it too much because my other work for my classes is good, and doing well on that work should give me a little wiggle room if my finals are not the greatest.

The actual exams start for me on the 13th, I have two that day. One should be a piece of cake, the other will be harder. Then I have a hard one on the 17th, and my final final (the hardest for me…chemistry) on the 20th. All papers, projects and homeworks are done and handed in - whew. Now if I can manage my time in the next few weeks and use it effectively for studying, I should be OK.

My first exam is on Saturday morning at 8:30, but before I can even start worrying about that, I still have 3 assignments, 2 due on Wednesday and one due today and a report due for tomorrow on the wonders of Gas Chromatography. I love engineering…

So I got exams on the 11th, 13th, 14th, 18th and 20th. Back home just in time to buy a couple of Christmas presents.

Why would the teacher care at all if you hand it in early? That’s just bizarre.

For my exam on Wednesday, I count 20 hours of lectures to listen to, plus a 380-page horrible book.

The professor himself doesn’t care, as far as I know. It’s just school policy that you MUST be present on a day when your final exam for a class is scheduled…

…Even if you don’t actually have an exam.

Nightwatch… that sounds just strange really.

This week is all review and a couple of minor tests, along with two reports (Business Communications and Business Computers) and a presentation. My exams don’t start until the 13th and I have one a day until Thursday. Once that is done though I am FREE (until January that is).

I’m just glad this semester is almost over, my mind wants to implode this week.

I got an 89 on my appellate brief!!!

I have one more regular exam before finals. Monday I have to do a presentation on a wheelchair that a group of us designed. Then I have exams on Wednesday morning, Wednesday night, Thursday night, and Saturday morning. I actually don’t think they’ll be all that bad. Except I’m horrible at programming in C, so that could be a problem.