Exasperated man buys everyone in Burger King an apple pie to teach boy throwing a tantrum a lesson.

I like this guy’s style. :smiley: I can’t understand parent that either can’t or won’t keep their kids under control in public. I bet that foul mouthed kid give dear old mom an earful for the rest of the day. :cool:

Approving outrage! Lovin’ it.

I remember the time I (and my sweetie) were in a line to buy movie tickets (2 days ago) and the guy at the front of the line started asking the only ticket-seller there (early show 'n all) about times, dates and purchasing options for some Imax movie. After he’d been there 5 minutes or so I was like “dude” and the others in line were like “dude” and we were all like “O.M.G.”.

So I said out loud “dude there’s this thing called a phone” and this really old guy behind me was like “good on you” and something else (I didn’t quite hear) and I said to him “ya know, if he heard me, I’m gonna tell him it was you.”

Sweet times. Man I love goin’ to the movies.


Hope he waved the pies in the little snot’s face before he passed them out.

I fucking hate obnoxious children.*

*Yours too. All children are obnoxious! :stuck_out_tongue:

Mmmmmm, spite pie is the best…

Boy, if life were only like this…

When throw tantrum - don’t get pie.

If that’s all the better the kid can behave, then he got exactly what he deserved. Parents that can’t control their kids shouldn’t be allowed to have them in public.

That’s true, most people have them in the hospital.

You have 2 words too many in that sentence.

True. A lot of people shouldn’t be having them at all.

Whenever I’m in a fast food place and there is someone there with well-behaved children, I always make it a point to thank them for raising well-behaved children.

Positive reinforcement is a powerful tool. Good for you!

My parents would have buried me in the parking lot if I ever acted the way some of these kids do in public.

There’s no way that happened. It’s just some dude that posted to reddit what he wished he had done.

There are only two sorts of people who heap scorn on those who have lost control of small children in public. Those who have never had responsibility for controlling small children and are thus free to say how easy it is and those who have had such responsibility and are hypocrites.

During the last Girl Scout cookie season, I was accosted by an all Muslim Girl Scout troop. When they asked me if I’d like to but some cookies and I told them “No thanks, I’ve already got six boxes at home.” BOTH the girls who approached me responded in sync: “Okay, thanks anyway, have a great day!”

Softie that I am, I pretty much HAD to do an about face and buy some cookies off of those girls. All the while gushing to their troop leader why polite girls she had.

You never want to be in line at a Subway behind a parent with 2 or more kids.


And even if he did actually do it, this is what qualifies for a news story these days? An unverified, anonymous posting on an internet site populated by massive numbers of trolls, morons, and adolescents.

I’m not especially surprised that aceplace57 picked up on this story. The “Pointless” in MPSIMS seems to have been specifically crafted for his particular brand of incredulous, gee-whiz-look-at-this-thing-i-just-found style of thread.

When my oldest was about 2 1/2 he threw a tantrum in the super market.
I left my wife took him to the car and buckled him in his car seat and let him wail while I sat in the front seat reading. I ignored him totally
When he finally stopped crying I asked him if he wanted to go back in the market?
Yes was the reply
Are you going to act like a gentleman?
Yes was the reply.
Funny I never had a problem with with him throwing tantrums after that as he had learned they didn’t work with me.
Raising kids isn’t rocket surgery.

And when the kid comes back . . .