Exceptions to the rule: "On the Dope: For every possible question there is a person..

… who knows the answer".

In other words - If you ask a question on the dope about the obscurest of topics - there is bound to be a doper who happens to be an expert on that topic.
Well from my (admittedly feeble) memory I have never got much use out of the dope in respect to programming with Borland C++ Builder.
Have you (the clicker of this thread, reader of this sentence) hit an exception to that rule in your doping career?

Not yet… but then again, this is my first ever post.

Welcome to the boards IncompleteIdiot. Pull up a goat… I mean chair.

The origin of “That’s the beauty of it - it doesn’t do anything!” seemed to have the board pretty well stumped. I’m not sure we found the answer to the “stereotypical Chinese music” question either. But most of the time I’d say the rule is accurate.

I discovered Straight Dope when I was trying to find out why a regional dish known hereabouts as the Manhattan sandwich is so named. The Dope failed me, alas.

Heresy, junior. Search and you shall find.

I love it - I’ve been here six years and I’ve never seen one Mod call another ‘Junior’.

( Not that there’s anything demeaning about it. It’s like an old folk saying “Hey kid” and then imparting some wisdom)

No one knew what flavor Red Bull is.

I was actually a little peeved because it was in GQ and ISTR getting something like 20-25 joke responses, but no one knew the answer.

I once posted about an old British clothing company called Clothkits. That one sank like a stone.

I wonder if I ever saw the follow-up thread. I’d say we nailed that one - if not the ‘Oriental’ one.

By the way, I could swear my paperwork says I’m now immune to accusations of junior-modding. :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t think we ever found the answer to “14kofg something something”, or whatever it was. I couldn’t say for sure, though, because I slipped into a coma long before that thread ended.

I’ve had topics that no definite answer or expert has been found. I still like to see the best answer we can find though.

I asked if anyone had ever used a 0-360 virtual panoramic lens and got zero replies.

[MIB] Zed: “Why don’t you take junior with you.”

:later: K : “Junior, there are no galaxies on Orion’s Belt.”

:later: J : “Hey! OLD guys!” * [/MIB]

Marley-- *That was your proper response. :slight_smile:

No one’s been able to tell me why anchovies spark when you microwave them.

Behold, the Mighty Earl Snake-Hips Tucker

You need to take them out of the tin first.

Voilla! The answer to the Chinese riff music.

Actually, that’s post #131 in the thread. But it happens to be the answer to the OP. I figured that most people wouldn’t want to read the first 130 posts. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I made my second post after finding Earl’s thread.

Okay, so apparently we’ve dealt with both questions pretty conclusively. The 14kofpd thing may be a mystery for the ages, though.

I asked about Brian Fitzgerald, the rubber baron in Peru on whom the Werner Herzog movie Fitzcarraldo was based. No luck.