Excuse me, BOZO! THAT song is NOT dreck!

For those following the ‘If Life Is A Rock…’ thread, we all realize that some deluded individuals have posted songs which are clearly in violation of the ‘Dreck Only’ rule.

Without naming the guilty, the following are NOT to be considered dreck:

Delta Dawn


Rocky Racoon

If Not For You


Never, My Love

Every Breath You Take

Precious and Few

Give Peace a Chance

A Summer Song

Bottle Of Wine

Your attention to this matter will be appreciated.

Management reserves to make additional entries as may be warrented.

That is all :slight_smile:

I’d add “Muskrat Love” to that list.

Oh, and quite a few Neil Sedaka songs I listened to once on a road journey 'tween Rotorua and Auckland, too.

You have got to be kidding.

That is, you have got to be kidding about “Muskrat Love”

No. I’m not kidding.

In that case - PLEASE, please, please stay in NZ :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, I gotta admit that ‘Delta Dawn’ is all right.

But ‘Rocky Raccoon’? What a load of crap. IMHO anything written by ‘Sir Paul’ post Beatles (and even some of his Beatles stuff) automatically gets labelled ‘limp-dick dreck’.

Aw, c’mon – what’s wrong with “Muskrat Love”? :slight_smile:

Yeah, no worries – short of busking “Muskrat Love” and sellin’ the rotten fruit hurled at me for compost, I’ll be staying in NZ.

Y’know, there’s just no accountin’ for taste, these days … :smiley:

Then what is the “dreck”?

Is there anything left other than “Seasons in the Sun”?

How 'bout Lyin’ Eyes by The Eagles?

Nothing–repeat, nothing by the Eagles is dreck!

Except, maybe, James Dean.

The Eagles are mega-cool.

Apart from Lyin’ Eyes. And maybe James Dean. Hey, everyone has to have a nadir sometime, don’t they?

No no. The Eagles bite.

I once caught a review of a Don Henley album that started, “How could Don Henley produce such a good record when everything the Eagles did was terrible?”

Amie - Pure Prairie League, 1975

Jonathan, Jonathan. The Eagles do not bite, and Paul McCartney did have a few respectable moments as a solo artist before embarking on his subsequent career of “all dreck, all the time”. (“Ebony and Ivory” by itself should be regarded as a capital crime.)

Eagles: “Take It to the Limit”, “Already Gone”, “Take It Easy”, just to name a few. Not to mention the HHG theme music. Sure, Henley’s solo career has been even more impressive than what the Eagles did as a group, but that doesn’t reflect badly on the Eagles.

McCartney: “Man We Was Lonely” and “Teddy Boy” off his debut album, “Too Many People” off Ram, as well as “Jets” and “Band on the Run”.

Now, going back up the thread:

“Muskrat Love” isn’t drek if we’re referring to the Loggins & Messina version. Anything by Captain and Tennille is drek, including their Muskrat cover.

“If Not For You” isn’t drek, either in the Dylan original or the George Harrison cover. If some teeny-bop star somewhere along the line did a cover, it’s probably drek, but I’ve fortunately missed any such attempts.

“Amie” is drek, pure and simple.

I’m a bit of an Association fan, but I would argue that “Cherish” and “Never My Love” aren’t drek. But I can see the argument for “Cherish” in particular, and even by my standards it treads the line.

And Neil Sedeka…where’s Fathom’s ‘barf’ smiley when you need it?

before we list the new entrant, allow me to note


Re. Amie - I say it is NOT dreck - see your post count vs. my post count in ‘If Life…’ to determine relative credibility :stuck_out_tongue:

now for the latest ‘missed mark’:

‘Spinning Wheel’ - B,S, & T - NEVER dreck!

-Arbiter of Good Taste

Regarding * Every Breath You Take*:

I’ll agree that it is a good song…BUT…

Here in El Lay we have a radio station that does one of those drecky *Love Songs * every night. And a lot of the calls sound like this:

DJ: Hi, welcome to Love Songs, who is this?

Caller (sounding about 15 years old): Hi, this is Jimmy in Anytown.

DJ: What can I do for you tonight, Jimmy?

Caller: Well, my girlfriend and I had a fight tonight, and I’m very sorry about it. I’d just like Jennifer to know that I love her very much and I would do anything in the world for her and I want her back in my life.

DJ: OK, Jimmy what song could we play for you and Jennifer tonight?

Caller: Could you please play *Every Breath You Take *? I want her to know I want to be there for her throughout anything!


So when did a song about stalking become a song about true love? Or maybe Jimmy is going to stalk Jennifer until she gets a restraining order against him?

I have to LOL every time I hear that.


Those who do not PLAY the game
are NOT entitled to comment on said game…

Ummmm. haw many copies of “If Not For You” (Dylan) have been sold?

How many copies of your commentary have been sold?

'Nuff said?

[sub]lookin’ for fun, and feeling groovy…[/sub]