Exercise and Music

I was just starting my workout this morning when my batteries in my walkman went dead. I always work out listening to either hard rock or techno as it gets me going.

I took the walkman off and realised for the first time that the health club plays an easy rock station. Listening to this music basically ruined my whole workout. I’ve noticed before that I am the only one that wears headphones all the time (I’m also the only one under 30). I can’t understand how people can work out without hearing the music they want to hear. Am I the only one that needs to hear a certain type of music, and if not, what do you listen to?

It’s such a fine line between stupid and clever.

I lift weights at a big club. It’s seems that classic rock has become the mainstream choice for the place. It produces the fewest disagreements. And that’s fine with me. On those rare instances when rap or boy-band crap is on, I find myself working faster so I can get the hell out. Also, from my cycling days, I found the perfect music for a hard workout indoors was “Ghost In The Machine” by the Police.

Oh, absolutely, you have to have something with a reasonably fast beat! Geez, otherwise you can hear (OK, I’ll speak for myself here–I can hear) joints cracking, heavy breathing, footstepping sounds. NOT motivating!

I have to have dance, techno, or fast latin to be able to really get into it.

And there’s a question: why do gyms tend to play that “soft rock” crap? So they don’t offend anyone?

My gym plays a crap top 40 station, but alot of the people are under 30 there.

Personally, when I use a machine, I read, when I do laps I listen for thup thup thup the rhythm of my feet hitting floor. When lifting weights, well, I just lift em.

Aerobics would be impossible without music, tho. But then, I am aerobically-imapired.