Exercise Equipment or Sex Toy

When I first started visiting the Straight Dope sight, Weird Earl had Is it a dog toy or a marital aid? The site is gone now, but it was a hoot. :smiley:

Ladies and Gentlemen of the SDMB: I give you Is it Exercise Equipment or a Sex Toy?

**May not be safe for work. **


I’ll not reveal how often I was right or wrong…

I guessed all correctly except the first.

One widget has a Wiki link that discusses the name of the thing. They eventually changed the name to something nondescript and boring, but originally called it a Master Better.
Tee hee! :smiley:

The correct answer is “All are sex toys if used properly”.

Some of those look really … intriguing.
The exercise machines, yeah that’s it! :stuck_out_tongue:

I have no shame: 5 right, 2 wrong. My instinct that anything with animal-like stripes is for. . . uh . . . personal training was right.

I got them all right. I don’t know if I should be proud of myself or ashamed. :smiley:

I hope no one missed #4. That one is pretty darn obvious.


:eek: I actually guessed too conservatively. Methinks me has much to learn.

Hmmm… missed one, mostly because I could not decypher what exactly it was or how someone would use it, until I went to the manufacturer’s website and could then see it from different angles and see how it was supposed to function.

I’m surprised they didn’t include the Rodeo Boy (safe for work).

This is #3, right? I could figure that one out either. It’s the only one I missed.

Got them all right.
I know a couple who have a swing hanging in their bedroom. :cool:

That’s the only one I missed also. I’m not sure I want to know how it is used.

There’s a link to an animated demonstration on the web page. And there aren’t even any nekkid people. It’s, er, interesting. :smiley:

It looks downright painful. That kind of range of movement(including changing angles) looks like it would not be good at all. A tear of the perenium seems the most likely result of an enthusiastic session. Hopefully you can make smaller rocking movements and get decent stimulation still, but I’m not sure how it would work. It looks like the neutral position is all the way down and you’d have to rock between full and half(never going below half, so always keeping tension on your muscles). It just doesn’t look like fun.

The Sybian, on the other hand, seems a little too easy. What fun is it if you don’t even have to work for it?